How Lucifer's Tom Ellis Responded To The Cancellation News

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High-profile cancellations have rocked the television world over the past week, and fans are doing all they can to try and convince networks to save the canceled shows they love. Some of the larger movements have seen success, but there's still a fairly large community of hopeful Lucifer fans fighting for a new network to step in and save the fallen angle. Star Tom Ellis had a similarly strong and hopeful response to the series' cancellation announcement, and Lucifer fans definitely shouldn't give up yet.

From the beginning, it's always felt like we were fighting against the odds, in a David versus Goliath context, but at the end of the day, we overcame those odds, so why not still hope and continue fighting for its survival? It's been an incredible few years and it's been a mutual loving, which has only grown bigger and bigger. That's why this is such a strange time for the show to end, because we were only just beginning. It's very rare that something comes along and fits like a glove--and that's what we had. But, I can tell you that I'm not done with this. Because, at the end of the day, I can at least say I tried.

Tom Ellis sounds as though he is in a better headspace than he was when he initially broke the news to fans that Lucifer had been canceled. And what's more, he seems just as ready as the show's avid fanbase to continue fighting to do all he can to find Lucifer new life elsewhere. Ellis' hope and willingness to not give into the supernaturally tinged crime drama's demise have been echoed by much of the show's cast and staff, including showrunner Joe Henderson, who went ahead and prepared fans to be disappointed with the show's cliffhanger finale.

The Season 3 finale cliffhanger is about the best evidence out there that few on the Lucifer creative team questioned the show's chances of making it to Season 4. Executive producer Ildy Modrovich confirmed to Forbes they were aware of the "bubble show" distinction, but there wasn't a widespread belief that the series would actually be canceled. That surely made the news harder on actors like Tom Ellis, although the actor said fan outcry has certainly helped him feel better about the whole thing:

The weirdest thing is the minute the news came out, I was starting to feel better about it, because the support from fans has just been incredible. I'm blown away by it, because it has been devastating.

Tom Ellis hasn't been doing a lot of moping on Twitter since the news of Lucifer's cancellation went public. Instead, the actor is entrenched in the #SaveLucifer movement and is actively encouraging any fans of the show to tune in live to the series finale to help convince other networks that the series is worth taking a chance on. No network has publicly indicated interest in more Lucifer at this time, but with shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine getting saved in the 11th hour this renewal season, anything feels possible.

Lucifer will air its Season 3 finale, "A Devil Of My Word," on Monday, May 15, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Those hoping to save the series should tune in, and then head on over to our summer premiere guide and see what other shows are coming to television that might be worth saving someday. For a full look at Fox's schedule for the 2018-2019 season, click here.

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