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Arrow is teasing an explosive ending to its wild Season 6, although Emily Bett Rickards has indicated fans may not expect what the series has planned. Rickards, who plays computer hacker extraordinaire Felicity Smoak, spoke to CinemaBlend's Deputy TV Editor Laura Hurley about the upcoming season finale, and noted that things will end a bit differently for the characters this season than they have in the past:

It's different than other seasons. It's still tragic in its own way as we do in our traumas, but there's definitely something different. I always used to say 'We always go out with a bang, literally.' But this year we sort of go out with, I think, there's a bang to the heart of everybody on the team this year, which is sad but something new and something different and hopefully people respond. I think it's unexpected. So we'll see how we can make it fly.

Emily Bett Rickards teased that Arrow may have a different sort of season finale than what fans have gotten in years past, as each season finale always seems to be rife with explosions and mass chaos. The promo for the episode has revealed there's plenty of explosives set to potentially blow in the city, so we can assume Rickards' comments aren't so much about a literal explosion. Instead, Rickards seems to be saying that characters are going to be feeling some consequences outside of whatever physical peril endangers in the episode and that whatever happens will certainly affect everyone in a lasting way.

A "bang to the heart" that affects everyone on the team could mean a major death or departure. Arrow has managed to do one of those in Season 6 already, and with it being confirmed that Paul Blackthorne will not return as Quentin Lance in Season 7, we can only speculate that another big goodbye is coming in the season finale. More than a couple of characters would be changed in some key ways if Lance should die in the Season 6 finale. That said, a character dying in the season finale isn't necessarily something new or even unexpected, so Emily Bett Rickards is likely alluding to an event bigger than Lance's exit.

The Season 6 finale episode, titled "Life Sentence," doesn't just share its name with one of the latest cancelled series at The CW; it also might play into the different ending Emily Bett Rickards is referring to. Oliver Queen admitted to the FBI in the penultimate episode that he is indeed the Green Arrow. That admission will likely lead to some consequences, with the most obvious being that Oliver will be sent to prison not long after Star City is free from Ricardo Diaz's grasp. That's obviously not the happy ending Arrow fans may be hoping for for after a less-than-upbeat Season 6, but would certainly allow the series to further evolve and adapt if the cast is forced to protect Star City in Season 7 with Oliver behind bars.

Arrow fans will see what big surprise the series has in store for them by tuning into The CW Thursday, May 17 at 9:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what superhero shows should be checked out after Arrow wraps for the season, visit our superhero premiere guide. Those looking for a list of all upcoming television headed to audiences in 2018 can find what they need with our summer premiere guide.

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