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Daredevil Season 3 Will Apparently Introduce Bullseye In A Grounded Way

As soon as Daredevil's first Netflix season got the Man Without Fear in front of Wilson Fisk, comic fans immediately started clamoring for the show to bring the villainously-precise Bullseye to live-action. (Well, even before that, really.) Now, it appears that will happen, as it's being reported Bullseye is the villain that was teased way back in August 2017. Yes, comic fans will apparently finally get to see the legendary bad guy on Daredevil Season 3, and fans who aren't experts in Marvel lore will get a formidable bad guy. As it turns out, he'll probably pop up in a surprisingly grounded way.

According to a report from The Hashtag Show, Bullseye is the character whose civvie name is currently known only as "Steve." Wilson Bethel of House of Dixie landed the role of "Steve," described as an "athletic but socially awkward FBI agent" who can only suppress the darkness within himself with the rigidity and rules of his job. The character description also listed him as somebody with a "hair trigger temper." Earlier reports indicated that "Steve" would have an important role in the ongoing battle between Daredevil and Wilson Fisk. While Daredevil fans who don't know much of anything about Bullseye may not find anything remarkable in this description of the character, fans who know Bullseye from Marvel lore may be surprised at how grounded of an introduction the legendary assassin may get in Daredevil Season 3.

The Bullseye of Marvel Comics lore is a psychopathic assassin who uses his work to satisfy his need to kill, although he'll always make time to continue his personal quest to ruin Daredevil. Lacking in superpowers, he's nonetheless able to turn just about anything he gets his hands on into a lethal projectile. His marksmanship is all but unparalleled, and he goes on to have a bullseye tattooed onto his forehead. In some stories, the tattoo later becomes a scar. Basically, he's a very dangerous madman who does a lot of damage to the people in Daredevil's life, and he's not somebody that many fans would associate with an FBI agent working on the conflict between Daredevil and Fisk. It sounds like the supervillain will get a grounded introduction; that's not to say he'll stay grounded.

Daredevil star Charlie Cox has been vocal about wanting Bullseye on the show from almost the very beginning, although he also revealed that Deborah Ann Woll and Elodie Yung, who play Karen Page and Elektra, respectively, weren't too keen on him joining the show. In Marvel Comics, Bullseye killed both Karen and Elektra, so it's easy to see why the actresses might not want him on board. Then again, none of Netflix's Marvel shows follow the comics religiously, and Elektra has already thwarted death. Who knows? Maybe if Bullseye is on the verge of killing Karen, Frank Castle could blast his way onto the scene and rescue her. I know I'd be on board with Karen as a Punisher regular.

We'll have to wait and see how Daredevil handles Bullseye when Season 3 eventually debuts on Netflix. For what you can watch while we wait, swing by our 2018 Netflix premiere guide and our summer TV premiere schedule.

Laura Hurley
Laura Hurley

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