What Once Upon A Time's Regina Thinks About The Character's Ending

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They did it. The Once Upon a Time finale drew its ensemble's stories to a close. Among them, one-time villain turned hero Regina. In the finale, Regina is able to cast a spell that unites all of the realms. She is ultimately crowned queen of the newly-minted realm as a beaming Snow White, and Prince Charming look on. So how does Regina's portrayer Lana Parrilla feel about her character's happily ever after? Here is what she had to say:

I feel like she's reached her happy ending in this episode, and yet her happy ending isn't that traditional with someone, in love or with a family. It's with everyone, it's with all the realms united. I'm happy with where her happy ending is at, which is, there is no ending. It just carries on.

The significance of Regina's happy ending will not be lost on fans. As it ends Regina's journey in a startling juxtaposition from where she began the series. Lana Parrilla's comments to EW, undoubtedly echo the sentiment of fans, who wanted to see Regina receive an ending that encompassed her unconventional journey. Seldom do the villains in a fairytale become the heroes, and Regina's becoming leader of the united realm means just that.

Regina's journey marks one of Once Upon a Time's most sweeping arcs. Rumple/Gold and Regina both underwent incredible transformations, from being conflicted villains to anti-heroes, to full-blown good guys. The power of love was always in full force, and Regina's ending definitely pays tribute to that recurring theme. Of course, as Lana Parrilla points out, it is not really Regina's ending. Although, the finale does mark the beginning of Regina's new life as a Good Queen, which Snow White and Prince Charming, help usher her into.

The one-time enemies ended the series on a beyond-positive note that again, paid homage to how far the trio of characters' relationship has come. Could you have ever imagined Prince Charming and Snow White being involved with Regina being named "The Good Queen," when the show began? It would have seemed a faint fantasy at the time.

Now the question is whether the Once Upon a Time finale, really marks the end of the line? While the show closed the window on many of its storylines, it also opened the door to a possible future. Lana Parrilla even hinted at the open door the show created.

It will not take long for fans to miss their beloved fantasy drama. And what is it they say about not knowing what you have until it is gone? Well, Once Upon a Time fans didn't need to lose the show to know how special it was to them. For seven seasons, the show has entertained and enchanted, what's an ending without a little hope the journey could continue at some point in time?

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