The Expanse Fans Are Trying To Save The Show After Syfy's Cancellation, And There's Hope

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The Expanse has been one of Syfy network's most critically acclaimed shows to date, but unfortunately, that doesn't mean much when that acclaim isn't bringing more eyes to the series. Fans were devastated as well as motivated to bring the series back upon hearing the news of its cancellation, and now it's looking like there's hope that a renewal could happen. Fans have taken to the web with a petition for Amazon or Netflix to save the show, and it's gaining traction as well as some notable signees.

As of writing, the petition has shattered its initial goal of 100,000 signees and is quickly marching onward to 150,000. The petition promotes the #SaveTheExpanse movement and encourages Amazon or Netflix to pick up the acclaimed 3 season drama for Season 4 so that the show's story can continue beyond the current storyline. The petition has caught the eye of crewmembers like The Expanse writers room who signed and publicly backed the effort on their official Twitter:

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The petition also promotes SaveTheExpanse.Org, which has become the central hub for fan efforts to help save The Expanse. Visitors are encouraged to binge the series on Netflix and Amazon and encourage friends to do the same so that the shows viewership numbers on the platform rise and so everyone can be caught up to watch the still airing Season 3. This effort has led to the series posting some of its best viewership numbers in two years, and with a handful of episodes yet to air, it's possible those numbers will continue to rise with each airing. Of course, those ratings and viewership numbers were never incredibly high to begin with, so there's still a question of whether or not any streaming service or network would be willing to take a shot on the series.

Netflix is reportedly not interested, as reported members of the crew have heard the streaming service has already passed on the project. That's left the movement to set its sights on Amazon, as more celebrities relevant to the sci-fi world have spoken out on The Expanse's behalf in hopes it gets renewed. George R.R. Martin, Wil Wheaton, Patton Oswalt and others have taken to Twitter to encourage any potential saviors to take in the series and give it a new home:

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Science fiction fans looking to save The Expanse can join the movement by signing the petition and tuning into new episodes of the series on Syfy Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Fans of The Expanse curious to see what else is coming to television after Season 3 of the show draws to a close can visit our summer premiere guide. Optimistic fans who think Amazon will swoop in to save the show can check out Prime Videos future programming with our Amazon premiere guide.

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