The 2018-2019 television season has been a whirlwind of maddening cancellations and miraculous renewals. While each of the broadcast networks have done a pretty solid job of laying out a bulk of their series' futures, it's always inevitable that some on-the-bubble projects fall through the cracks without a resolution. Here are all the network shows that have yet to hear anything about the future in one way or another, as well as a reason or two why these shows may not have gotten an answer yet:

Timeless - NBC

NBC must like to torture Timeless fans, as it still has yet to make a decision on whether Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke's time-traveling drama will return for Season 3. The series remains on the bubble, with viewership numbers in Season 2 faring even worse than when the show was cancelled the first time around. While viewership has fallen, reviews for Season 2 are much more positive than they were for the inaugural season. NBC played hero earlier this season when it saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine from cancellation at Fox, and with Timeless pulling in better viewership numbers than that show was getting, it doesn't seem so crazy Lucy Preston & Co. will face more hijinks in Season 3.

Ghosted - Fox

Adam Scott and Craig Robinson's Ghosted had the potential to become the next big live-action comedy at Fox. Then, in a somewhat ironic twist, the show itself disappeared midseason. Robinson and Fox have since confirmed the rest of Season 1 will air on the network sometime this summer, which leaves executives a bigger window to make a decision regarding the show's fate. It's worth mentioning Ghosted reruns have aired on its FXX, which might mean the network is testing the waters to see if the series would fare any better over there. We can only speculate for now, and will hopefully learn for sure what will come of this comedic paranormal series when those final episodes air this summer.

Code Black - CBS

Code Black fans may not hear news about the CBS medical drama anytime soon, as Season 3 just kicked things off not that long ago. Led by Marcia Gray Harden and Rob Lowe, Code Black is experiencing a 26% dip in the demo ratings compared to last season, although viewership appears to be having only a slightly less significant dip at 9%. Neither is good news, unfortunately, and that rating drop is more meaningful, considering casting changes were made in an effort to get the 18-49 demographic rating up for Season 2, which doesn't appear to be helping this season. Of course, there are still plenty of episodes to turn things around, so fans shouldn't worry about Code Black flatlining yet.

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