The Flash Finale Finally Revealed Mystery Girl's Identity, And Wow

Spoilers ahead for the Season 4 finale of The Flash.

The majority of The Flash Season 4 followed Team Flash's epic battle against The Thinker, and they had to pull out all the stops as well as recruit the help of an unexpected ally in Marlize to make a last stand against him. A smaller (although certainly not insignificant) plot has followed the Mystery Girl who first debuted in the gigantic "Crisis On Earth-X" crossover event. Theories have abounded about her identity, ranging from the Mystery Girl as Barry and Iris' future daughter to Mystery Girl as The Thinker in another body. Fortunately for those fans who have been dying to know more about her, the finale revealed that Mystery Girl is none other than Nora, a.k.a. Barry and Iris' daughter. What a cliffhanger!

On the one hand, all the people who have spent months speculating that the Mystery Girl is Barry and Iris' daughter probably felt pretty vindicated at the end of the big finale. On the other hand, most fans expecting her to be their daughter were probably counting on the reveal that she's Dawn Allen, a.k.a. Barry and Iris' speedster daughter in DC Comics. We'll have to wait until Season 5 to find out more about who she is. It's entirely possible that Dawn and Nora will be more or less the same character, simply with the name switched out so that Barry could honor his late mother.

Nora's big introduction to her parents involved her admitting that she's from the future and she made a big mistake. Assuming that mistake has to do with time travel, it's probably safe to say that the speedster apple didn't fall far from the tree. We can only hope that Nora didn't create a Flashpoint of her own at any point. Her proof of her identity came in the form of her jacket, which just so happened to be the jacket that Iris wore during her temporary stint as a speedster. According to Nora, Iris let her borrow it, presumably for her trip to 2018.

There are still a lot of questions, not the least of which is what Nora did that she went so far as to confront her parents after she seemed determined not to meet Iris earlier in the season. Did something change between that episode and the finale that Nora felt she had no choice but to introduce herself? The finale also didn't reveal why she ran back in time or why she hasn't gone back to her own time. All things considered, we have a lot to think about over hiatus.

Nora made her first appearance in the climax of the episode when a satellite was hurtling down toward Central City, although she was only recognizable by the purple lightning surrounding her as she raced around. She gave Barry an assist as he tried to punch the falling satellite and therefore spare the city, although he didn't realize what had happened at first. Thanks to her, Central City was not destroyed and the entire cast of The Flash characters did not die horrible deaths. Yay for Nora! Barry eventually realized that another speedster had to have helped him save the day with the satellite, but he and the rest of the team were distracted by the birth of Joe and Cecile's daughter, Jenna.

At first, it seemed possible that The Flash was going to use the party welcoming Jenna home (and a surprise appearance from Wally!) to reveal that Mystery Girl was really a grown up Jenna, but nope! Mystery Girl is Nora and as far as we know, Jenna is just Jenna. If Nora sticks around for Season 5, Team Flash will be very different. Elongated Man is back from the dead thanks to the Inception-esque twist of the episode, and Harry returned to Earth-2 to chat with his daughter.

The Flash will return for Season 5 in the fall. Interestingly, The Flash is the only one of the Arrow-verse series that will stay in its same time slot. To see where the other shows will be moving, check out The CW's 2018-2019 fall schedule. If you're still in the market for series to watch while we wait for fall TV season to start, take a look at our summer TV premiere guide.

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