The Parks And Rec Cast Might Want A Reunion Even More Than Fans

Anyone paying attention to primetime TV trends knows that TV revivals are all the rage now, with half-hour comedies seemingly the more promising way to go. So now that Roseanne and Will & Grace have established precedents, what about other primetime faves like, say, Parks and Recreation? The quirky NBC comedy is still missed by its many fans, but in recent days, the stars themselves have made it seem like they're just as ready for a Pawnee comeback as viewers are. For one, here's what star Amy Poehler said about a potential return:

I'll speak for everybody and say we would all do it. I think we would all do it someday. It would be amazing. It would be great.

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, who are working together on NBC's competition series Making It, were on The Ellen Show when the subject of Parks and Recreation's potential revival came up. After Offerman brought up the agreement that the show would return if Beyoncé agreed to be the Pawnee mayor -- yes, that Beyoncé -- Poehler made her fabulously optimistic blanket statement claiming that the entire cast would be down with some kind of reunion. "Someday" is the kicker there, since that's an open-ended adverb. But depending on how big or limited the reunion project would be, it might not require the kind of massive scheduling issues that a full season of new episodes would make necessary.

Scheduling isn't so easy when one of the stars is currently leading both an MCU team and a world full of dinosaurs. And speaking of Chris Pratt, the affable actor started up his own Parks and Recreation love train on Twitter after a fan asked about the film or TV role that brought him the most joy. Here's the first tweet that set things off.

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As is clearly obvious, a LOT of people were loving that response, and while the reaction might have been bigger if he'd have called Star-Lord his most joyful role, you essentially have to multiply for each of Andy Dwyer's personas. So it's an additional heap of love being thrown at FBI mastermind Burt Macklin, his brother Kip Hackman, and kid-friendly talk show host Johnny Karate. We'll even give "Mouse Rat lead singer and band name-creator" its own distinction.

In any case, it wasn't just Chris Pratt that got Parks and Rec fans pumped and thinking about a potential trip back to Pawnee with his tweet. Rob Lowe co-signed on finding literally all of his joy from playing Chris Traeger. Which is when Nick Offerman joined the party, bolstering his already established eagerness for more Ron Swanson. And that brought more Parks and Rec appreciation from Adam Scott and Retta and Ben Schwartz. Even John Hodgman voiced how much he loved his very brief time on the show.

I would absolutely love to get at least an hour-long themed or non-themed special from Parks and Recreation while it still makes sense for everyone involved. (No time limit on that.) Considering NBC just saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine from its cancellation (what with the extra time slots that Thursday Night Football is no longer taking up on its fall schedule), not to mention the network's potential attempts to bring The Office back in some form, noise about a Parks and Rec comeback likely isn't getting silenced.

While waiting to hear more, treat yoself to all seven seasons of the show streaming on Hulu, and hit up our summer premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way.

Nick Venable
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