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TV fandom can take all forms, which is something that a Pennsylvania high schooler took to heart when she made the incredible (if mildly questionable) decision to take a cardboard cutout of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Danny DeVito to her school's prom in May. As a brilliant way of returning the favor, the Emmy-winning actor actually took a cardboard cutout of the student with him to the set of It's Always Sunny, as revealed by co-star Rob McElhenney.

And now the shot of DeVito and his on-set companion...

Isn't that amazing? One imagines that Carlisle High School student Allison Closs wasn't expecting her unique prom date to make national attention in May, and even after her story was championed by the masses, I still doubt she thought Danny DeVito himself would respond. Especially not in such a grand way. Closs could just be blindly confident like Mac, Dennis and Sweet Dee, and was thus fully waiting on the actor to come back with something like this. But wait, no real person can possibly be so egotistical, right?

Rob McElhenney has been making fans pumped ever since he recently joined Instagram, and in this post, he re-upped everyone's faith in humanity, a feeling that doesn't often come from It's Always Sunny's central gang of misfits. And not in the sense of, "Frank Reynolds took an underage girl to a bar," but in some other positive sense that Charlie would have trouble putting into words. Hopefully Closs' trip to Paddy's Pub will be more permanent than just a snapshot, too, and we'll be able to see her cardboard form popping up somewhere in Season 13 and beyond.

Speaking of, I believe we can all agree that Allison Closs should be commended for taking to prom a proper Danny DeVito cutout, which she bought online), and not specifically a "Frank Reynolds" version. She might have had to worry about it hiding naked inside of couches, or getting pocket-sausage grease all over her dress. And that's even assuming the Frank cutout would have stayed at prom at all, instead of just hopping out to a strip club.

This is the kind of momentous back-and-forth that has me rethinking my own high school prom situation. Perhaps I should have also invested in a life-sized cutout of some TV star I was obsessed with at the time. It might not have been the most easily explainable action to present to my girlfriend at the time, but time heals all wounds or something.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will return to FXX for Season 13 at some point later in 2018 (presumably), with the whole Dennis and Glenn Howerton situation presumably figured out in a way that doesn't have his NBC comedy A.P. Bio butting up against the Sunny production schedule. While waiting to see more from the Gang, head to our summer premiere schedule.