Watch Arrested Development Fans Show Off Their 'Best' Chicken Dances

Arrested Development's particular brand of quirky humor and running jokes has had fans hooked and quoting the crazy Bluth characters for years. One of the most bizarrely hilarious running jokes of the series has to be the chicken dance, which the Bluths bust out whenever they accuse each other of being a chicken. Hilariously, not a single one of the characters' chicken dances look at all like a chicken, and every single one of their dances is different. Ahead of the Season 5 premiere in May, Netflix asked folks on social media to share their best chicken dances, and then raised the stakes by asking people in Times Square to get their chicken dance on. The result was pretty hilarious. Take a look!

The Bluths may not be up on what chickens actually look like, but Arrested Development fans clearly know what they're doing when recreating the Bluth dance movies! The video helpfully gives a name to each of the dances. Gob's is the "Coka," Lucille's is the "A Coodle Doodle Do," Lindsay's is the "Chee-Chaw," and George's is the "Coo Coo Ca Chaw." Interestingly, most of the fans doing their best chicken dances seem to favor Linsday's moves with the hand above the head, although Gob's "Coka" appears to be the runner up.

Of course, the "Coka" also looks like the most dangerous dance to do in a crowd or around any breakable objects. One of the guys copying Gob's moves almost whacked himself in the back of the head with his own backpack, and another in Times Square had cleared a pretty wide area around him. Bystanders presumably backed away because they didn't want to become collateral damage and have admit that they got a black eye from a guy in an orange hat doing a dance that looks nothing like a chicken. He definitely gets points for enthusiasm, though!

It's difficult to pick a chicken dance MVP from this video thanks to the wide variety of dancers who decided to show off their moves, but I think an honorable mention at least has to go to the young woman who sent in video of her in what appears to be her backyard, dancing with a real-live chicken. On the one hand, knowing what an actual chicken looks like could disqualify her from any kind of Arrested Development dance-off. On the other hand, nobody else managed to get such a perfect prop! Good for her.

All things considered, this silly video may be exactly what Arrested Development fans need for a blast from the Bluth family past. A lot of the buzz around the show hasn't been altogether positive lately due to the revelation of an on-set incident between Jeffrey Tambor and Jessica Walter during filming for Season 5. The aftermath of the scandal saw the cancellation of the show's overseas press tour, and Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz recently weighed in on what happened.

If you haven't watched the fifth season yet or are just in the mood to rewatch, you can find the full series of Arrested Development streaming on Netflix now. The fourth season was remixed ahead of the Season 5 premiere, so there's plenty to see that you may not have caught the first time around. For some non-Arrested Development options, check out our summer TV premiere schedule and our 2018 Netflix premiere guide.

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