Arrested Development Season 5 Finally Got A Trailer And Release Date From Netflix

After years of waiting for the Bluth family to reconvene and remind the world why they should never exist in reality -- or, alternately, to remind us that we're all the Bluth family, really -- Arrested Development has unveiled both its first Season 5 trailer and that it'll finally hit Netflix on Tuesday, May 29. Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to blue ourselves for the next two minutes or so. Enjoy the trailer!

Not only is Arrested Development back for a fifth season, but this time around, the cast and crew made a dedicated effort to return during the same production time period, so that the Bluths could once again exist as a long-winded ensemble, as opposed to the largely standalone nature that was mostly necessarily to make Season 4 happen. But no worries on that front anymore, and Jason Bateman has already called this the best season yet. Now we just have to worry about Buster stabbing someone with his steely hands. (Prime opp for a Steely Dan pun, so I'll expect to see one, Mitch Hurwitz.)

The trailer offered no clear signs of the murder-mystery that was previously teased as the overarching theme for the season, but it looks like the family will still get bogged down in things that could potentially get them actually arrested. Just not for treason this time...probably. The Bluths will be getting an award for family of the mother-bleeping year, which sounds as legitimate as Lindsay's bead business. (Bees? BEADS.) Now let's take a look at some trailer bits that that may or may not be as shameful as a family giving itself an award.

First off, let's shine a light on the return of Jeffrey Tambor's George Sr., whose involvement was previously up in the air, given the actor's controversial exit from Amazon's Transparent over sexual misconduct allegations. It was revealed a few days ago that Tambor's once-imprisoned patriarch would indeed be around in Season 5, though it's unclear how large his presence will be.

George Sr. was in the trailer to celebrate(?) the Congressional campaign being presumably half-assed by Portia de Rossi's Lindsay, whose rose-tinted headspace has been sorely missed on the small screen. Lindsay in politics might sound a little too Veep on the surface, especially in the age of the Trump administration, but we're hoping Arrested Development shoots for more bizarre and unexpected angles with that storyline.

David Cross' Tobias is clearly still living his best life, and his hair follicle situation could not be more interesting. The awkward chunk of fluff on top would be the big eye-catcher if not for that painful looking splotch across his upper lip. Did he get his mustache ripped off? Did he try to grow it back with some kind of cream that he had a horrifying physical reaction to? Will he use more face paint this season to try and hide it?

Speaking of disguising things, it looks like George Michael still hasn't gotten over his sexually charged crush on quasi-cousin Maeby. He doesn't seem to be too impressed with her new look(s), however. But I couldn't be happier to see Maeby continuing to try and skew older and different than she really is, and I really hope Jeff Garlin is still around to give her jobs.

And yeah, I couldn't possibly go without adding the pic above, because that is one of the most uncomfortably fitting looks that we'll ever see from George Michael. His complete lack of abrupt shame, despite how insanely disturbing that soaked muscle suit looks, reminds us that this is the same kid who (also) recorded himself going all Star Wars crazy. And it's probably no coincidence that garage-set video got updated for the trailer., I miss this show.

Just to remind anyone who may have accidentally taken some of Gob's Forget Me Nows and not remembered doing so, Arrested Development Season 5 will debut on Netflix on Tuesday, May 29, at 12:01 a.m. PT. You can currently watch the completely remixed and re-edited Season 4 as well. When that's all done, head to our 2018 Netflix schedule and our summer premiere schedule to see all the other new and returning shows debuting soon.

Nick Venable
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