Legion Season 2 Finale Totally Flipped The Script And We Have Big Questions

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Legion! Read at your own risk!

The Shadow King and David finally went head to head at full strength in Legion's Season 2 finale, and after a musical number, some crazy animation, and some flat-out brutality, David defeated the Shadow King. Unfortunately, it all came crashing down by the end of the episode, and before David knew what was happening, he was the one on trial. Season 2 flipped the script with its finale and made David the villain, and while the reasoning behind that was pretty self-explanatory, there are still plenty of burning questions we need to know before Season 3.

The biggest question any Legion fan should have after watching those final moments of Legion Season 2 is what's the deal with the Shadow King? Just hours before David's trial he was wearing a mind blocking device and locked in a containment cell. Now Division 3's public enemy number 1 is walking freely and unrestrained around the room as David is the one trapped in a force field? It was certainly a bizarre moment, and we have to speculate Farouk breaking the device just enough to mind control a mouse into Syd's bedroom the night before played a factor in his unrestricted freedom. The question is, what exactly did that varmint say that managed to get him free?

Farouk's mind-controlled mouse could've told Syd that David wiped her memory shortly after she broke up with him, called him evil, and tried to shoot him, although Cary already knew all of that. Cary likely told Syd what happened, who then realized that David temporarily erased those memories hoping he could win her back and change her mind about him before she remembered them. Syd, who appeared to be the mastermind behind this whole trial, then dropped the bombshell that many had been wondering since the end of Season 1. It was never the Shadow King causing David's mental illness. David was, and still is, mentally ill, but does that make him evil?

David certainly did some bad things on the road in Legion Season 2, and his escape from his accusers showed he's not ready to apologize for any of it. That, and springing his old partner in crime Lenny from the prison would lead us to believe David is on the path to becoming evil, but can he be made good again? In comments to EW, Syd actress Rachel Keller doesn't seem to believe so as she spoke about David's transformation, and how the source material made this story's new direction seem like the only path this show would ever go down:

The comic-book character is so troubled and complicated. He is always the villain, so I think I was always aware we were telling the story of how he got there.

Legion has been renewed for Season 3 at FX, which is a good thing considering that killer Season 2 cliffhanger! For a look at superhero shows that can be binged until then, visit our superhero premiere guide. Those just looking to see what other television is coming out over the next few months can visit our summer premiere guide for all the info they need.

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