The Weather Channel Will Simulate A Massive Tornado For A Live TV Special

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The Weather Channel is battening down the hatches for hurricane season and educating viewers in the process. The network is set to show off its new technology, Immersive Mixed Reality in a big way. They will use the groundbreaking visuals to simulate a tornado that heads for The Weather Channel's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. When will the action begin and for how long? Here is what you need to know.

The special will place on-camera meteorologist Jim Cantore as viewers' guide to the harrowing events in the multi-hour special. The channel's early morning blocks will feature Cantore talking viewers through the beginning of the storm. He will also explain how you can keep yourself and loved ones' safe during such weather events. The simulated devastation wrought by the faux-tornado will also be chronicled.

Along with the announcement of the special, The Weather Channel says they have big plans for the IMR technology used in the special. The network plans to be utilizing it in 80% of their programming by 2020. That's quite a commitment. Weather Channel enthusiast will be able to get a pretty immersive glimpse of the technology when the special airs. The network intends for IMR to take viewers inside of the storm. It is a glimpse many viewers may not have had.

Fans will see how the technology stacks up to what they have seen in the movies. The difference between disaster movies like the iconic 90's flick Twister and Into the Storm, which both featured tornadoes as the antagonist of their stories, is that The Weather Channel will be able to better educate viewers on what is happening inside. Since this is a science-based presentation, you can expect a lot of facts and none of the drama often infused in cinematic presentations of similar events.

The technology will be essential to The Weather Channel's coverage as we all venture deeper into hurricane season. According to The Weather Channel, the images viewers will see are on par with those they see in movies.

The public's fascination with tornadoes should spawn quite an audience for The Weather Channel's special. It is an act of nature that humans are incapable of stopping. So educating them to know what to do in case such a lethal force touches down is crucial in keeping the number of people lethally affected down. With hurricane season officially underway, per USA Today, it is better late than never to educate yourself about the dangers of storms.

You can watch the simulated tornado when the special begins airing Wednesday, June 20 starting in the early morning on The Weather Channel. For new upcoming and returning television shows you can anticipate watching in the coming months, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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