Fox Sports And USGA Apologized For Sexually Graphic Audio Heard During U.S. Open

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Outside of repeat viewings of Adam Sandler's Happy Gilmore, the sport of golf isn't often marred by offensive obscenities and/or sexually provocative material. Thanks to technology, however, one particular moment during the ongoing U.S. Open gave viewers' ears quite the shock when a spectator could clearly be overheard sharing an awkward sex story about an ex-girlfriend. Both the United States Golf Association and Fox Sports have issued apologies for the audio segment airing during FS1's live broadcast.

Now for some details. Fox Sports had set up dozens of microphones across the Shinnecock Hills course that gave this year's golfers one highly frustrating round after another, and one of those hot mics picked up an illicit conversation that no one in the audio booth registered or quieted very quickly. Quite clearly, one man could be heard saying the below, among other things.

That's my ex. That's when we were fucking so hard, and I headbutted her in the head. And I smacked that bitch down.

The man then went on to describe the position they were in during said sexual encounter, and how he managed to smack his head against the woman's. It was at that point someone appeared to finally realize the story being told was not part of Joe Buck's commentary about American golfer Patrick Reed, and the volume was lowered on the microphone picking up the candid conversation. I guess those guys weren't overly invested in how Reed was doing at that point.

Fox Sports issued an official apology for the weekend's audio infraction, according to Deadline.

Today, during the live FS1 broadcast of the 2018 U.S. Open, one of the many microphones on the course inadvertently picked up some offensive crowd chatter. We sincerely apologize.

And here is how the USGA showed contrition for that fan's slapstick sexual conquest.

We deeply regret the inappropriate language and sentiment expressed by a few fans that was unfortunately picked up by a microphone on the course during today's broadcast. We are working closely with our partners at Fox Sports to address this issue.

If one puts that many microphones around that many random people, potentially offensive stories are almost definitely going to come out. One can even question whether or not the conversation being had was purely accidental, or if the fans knew about the microphone nearby. In any case, we can all be thankful that he didn't make any "hole in one" jokes during the part of his story that FS1 viewers heard.

Another noteworthy moment to hit the U.S. Open in the past few days involved a man impersonating Donald Trump, who was greeting players with silly small talk at the hospitality tent. A mild disruption, he was eventually told to leave the premises on Friday.

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