Expect To See A Lot Of The Flash's Nora West-Allen In Season 5

One of The Flash's most interesting Season 4 mysteries was the one that got the least amount of screen time, so fans were pumped to finally witness Nora West-Allen's big reveal in the finale. We knew Jessica Parker Kennedy's time-traveling speedster would factor into Season 5's overall narrative, and her impact will be even bigger than expected. The Flash has promoted Kennedy to series regular for Season 5, meaning Nora is going to get to know her parents quite well in the near future.

The Flash's Jessica Parker Kennedy is now one of the newest series regulars to call Central City home, CinemaBlend has confirmed. Which adds strength to the assumptions that whatever big mistake Nora made will be one that Barry and Team Flash will be trying to resolve for the majority of Season 5, as opposed to it being an early-season arc that gets resolved before the winter break. We do know she'll once again be involved with one crossover episode or another, though that didn't mean anything for how often she'd be appearing.

More Jessica Parker Kennedy means more answers are coming for the random and enigmatic speedster, even though it also almost definitely means more mysteries will be introduced. (Check out all the big questions we still have about Nora West-Allen.) We'll learn about why she went back to those four specific Season 4 points in the Team Flash members' lives, as well as some of how the group's relationship changes in the years between Barry's present and Nora's present, which led to potential strifes with Caitlin, possibly because of something that happened in Caitlin''s past. Or possibly not.

As previously stated, Nora West-Allen isn't the only Flash character who's getting a boost in screen time for Season 5. The show also gave Danielle Nicolet and Hartley Sawyer the series regular promotion, meaning we're going to get more info about Cecile's bizarre pregnancy and her newborn who just might have metahuman abilities, as well as looking at how Ralph adjusts to normal life again after his semi-resurrection, which came after he'd been imprisoned inside The Thinker's consciousness. It's interesting that The Flash would give all three of these characters that much more to do in Season 5, on top of whatever new version of Harrison Wells we get. Hopefully that doesn't mean the creative team will be skimping on O.G. Team Flash stories.

The Flash will be back on The CW for Season 5 on Tuesday nights this October, and you can stream Season 4 on Netflix right now. To see what other new and returning shows are on the way in the coming weeks, head to our summer premiere schedule.

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