First Ozark Season 2 Trailer Is Tense And Powerful

Jason Bateman and the Ozark crew have been rolling out details on the Netflix original for a while now, and now fans are finally getting their first look at Season 2. The first short but satisfying trailer for the drama has arrived, and it appears the new season of the show is just as tense and powerful as it was in Season 1:

The first trailer for Ozark Season 2 doesn't tell fans much, other than the fact things aren't going to get any easier for Marty Byrde and his family as they continue to launder large amounts of money for criminal organizations. Outside of Marty and his kin, there are a couple quick shots of anti-hero Ruth Langmore, who will be dealing with the return of her father when Season 2 kicks off. Another major character this season appears to be the deceased, as caskets and human remains are scattered throughout this grim first look at Season 2. All in all, it seems like business as usual for the show, as Netflix announced it will officially return Friday, August 31.

For all the characters shown in the Ozark trailer, there are a couple notable key players who don't get screen time. One couple in particular who isn't seen is the Snells, which is odd considering they're essentially Marty's new partners in this money laundering scheme. One can only so show much footage in a minute-long trailer that only showcases 34 seconds of footage, so it's not as though their exclusion is an indicator they won't play a big factor in Season 2.

After all, the Snells aren't the only antagonists missing from the Ozark Season 2 trailer, as Ruth's dad Cade is nowhere to be seen as well. Jason Bateman revealed prior to this that Ruth's father will play a big part in Marty and Ruth's partnership in Season 2, and it sounds as though she'll be forced to choose sides between the two. One troublemaker that does get some screen time is FBI agent Roy Petty, who will continue to close in further on the Byrde's criminal operation as he continues his obsessive crusade to bring this whole operation down.

What's fascinating about the Ozark trailer are the funeral scenes. It appears as though the Byrde family is present for one, or perhaps two different funerals through the show's sophomore run. Jason Bateman teased that the cast mourned the loss of one major character this season, which could be whoever is in the casket during either of those scenes. But considering the line of work a bulk of these characters are in, it's also equally likely one character could end up disappearing without a trace, rather than in a casket.

As mentioned, Ozark returns to Netflix for Season 2 Sunday, August 31 at 12:01 PT. For a look at what else is coming to Netflix, check out our Netflix premiere guide. Those looking for a more general breakdown of upcoming television shows over the next couple months should hit up our summer premiere guide.

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