This week marks the debut of Netflix's intense new original series, the crime drama Ozark, and this is one show you are not going to want to sleep on during the remainder of the summer TV season. Actually, Ozark is a show that counter-balances all things involving sleep, with a narrative that doesn't let up its grasp once it settles in. To that end, here are all the reasons why Ozark is the one drama that viewers won't be able to stop watching once they start.

That First Episode Is Amazing

The first undeniable sign of a TV show's potential is a premiere episode that impresses on all counts, and Ozark double-checks each box. Creators Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams crafted an opener that not only excels in setting up the disarmingly complex central storyline, but it also utilizes a host of foreshadowing tricks that give the episode a rewatchability factor that a less imaginative approach would have failed to offer. It's laid thick with the kind of knuckle-biting tension that causes temporary lapses in blinking and breathing, and as hard as it might be to believe, each new episode manages to up the nerve-jangling, imbuing every single moment with the potential for hidden menace.

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