Danny McBride And John Goodman Are Teaming Up For A New Comedy

HBO is bringing Danny McBride back on board for a brand new project, and he's not the only comedy veteran who has signed on. The Vice Principals actor will team up with John Goodman for a pilot that will see them taking on the world of televangelism. Yes, really. Here's what you need to know about the prospective new show.

The project is called The Righteous Gemstones, which is bizarre enough that it has to be fabulous. If ordered to series, the show will tell the story of a televangelist family famous all over the world, but it's not a family that lives a wholesome life. Although the family does have a history of charitable work in the name of Jesus Chris, there's also a history of greed and deviancy that will undoubtedly provide a lot of laughs given the people who will bring the story to life.

Danny McBride created the project and will write the script, direct the pilot, and star, according to THR. Considering his comedic background, it's safe to say that he'll deliver something hilarious with the Righteous Gemstones pilot. He'll play a guy by the name of Jesse Gemstone, which is a giveaway that the "Gemstones" of the title aren't jewels or minerals. Jesse is the oldest son of the Gemstone family and the one who will take over after his father... if he can escape his father's shadow.

Despite living under his formidable father, Jesse wants to forge his own way, and in doing so, requires loyalty from the people around him. He prefers to be surrounded by followers and doesn't take crap from any of them. A man in touch with modern folks in the church, he adapts his father's messages to a larger audience.

It will obviously take an expert actor to work opposite Danny McBride in the Gemstone family; fortunately, John Goodman should be more than capable of doing the job. Goodman will star as Eli Gemstone, a.k.a. the head of the family and televangelist leader. Almost always unwilling to compromise, he is a force to be reckoned with in the televangelist game. He has a reputation all over the world thanks to his weekly TV show, and he holds nothing back when leading the charge for salvation. He's losing a bit of his touch by the time The Righteous Gemstones picks up, but he is still to be obeyed without argument from anyone.

Given that John Goodman is currently attached to The Conners on ABC, it should be interesting to see how he balances work on the two shows if The Righteous Gemstones scores a series order. The HBO show would presumably run for fewer episodes per season than most network shows, and The Conners will be an ensemble series comprised of the cast of Roseanne aside from Roseanne Barr herself, so it could be as simple as budgeting his time to work as a regular on both. Maybe The Righteous Gemstones could finally get him that Emmy!

We'll have to wait and see. The Righteous Gemstones has only just been ordered to pilot, so there's no saying at this point if it will become a show. That said, Danny McBride is a proven force to be reckoned with on HBO, and I'd be surprised if the premium cable network didn't give him a shot with a full season. For what you can watch while we wait for news of The Righteous Gemstones, be sure to check out our summer TV schedule.

Laura Hurley
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