Jersey Shore Family Vacation's Season Finale Dropped A Wild Truth Bomb About The Situation And Ronnie

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the season finale of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Read at your own risk!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation said goodbye to Season 1, but not before having one final family fight that had everyone in the house on edge. After JWoww ratted out Situation to Ronnie for implying the castmember needed to go to rehab, Ronnie exploded in anger and told Sitch he's the last person to judge anyone in the house. The Situation responded with a truth bomb of his own and revealed to the cast and fans alike that Ronnie told him he wanted to go to rehab two weeks before the show began filming.

The words hung in the air as the rest of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast sat silently while Ronnie and Mike continued to have it out. After things settled down a bit, Pauly D tried to alleviate some of the tension with his patented "AWKWARD" catchphrase but it didn't have much of an effect. A line had been crossed, and it was clear from at least half of the cast's perspective that The Situation was the one overstepping. Snooki and Deena lectured The Situation about repeating something Ronnie told him in private in front of the cameras, while JWoww went outside to check on Ronnie.

JWoww found Ronnie surprisingly chilled out once she got outside, and told her friend she thought what he said to The Situation about judgment was fair. JWoww believed Situation should know better than anyone else in the house not to judge, and that Ronnie's wild behavior in Miami could possibly be linked to all the changes that were getting ready to happen in his life. Cooler heads prevailed, which is honestly for the best as Situation probably couldn't have handled another self-inflicted head slam had Ronnie kept the fight going.

Speaking of The Situation, the transformed member of the group was cleaning the kitchen and all the while was still miffed about his fight with Ronnie. Eventually, Sitch relented, and while he didn't change his belief that Ronnie may have a problem, he did admit that outing what Ronnie said to him in private in front of the cameras was a bad decision. The Situation went outside and apologized to Ronnie, and the two managed to squash their beef without turning the house upside down. That said, the two looked about as far from friends as they have all season following the apology, which almost certainly means these two may be in for another confrontation in Season 2.

MTV isn't wasting any time on capitalizing on Jersey Shore Family Vacation's success and will bring the reality show back for Season 2 in August. For a look at what other television to watch until then, be sure to visit our summer premiere guide.

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