Jersey Shore Family Vacation Finally Explained Ronnie's Sketchy Behavior

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode "JWoww vs. The Proposal." Read at your own risk!

Love was in the air as Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's girlfriend Lauren came to spend time with him on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. The two's connection and love for each other sent good vibes throughout the house, although Ronnie Ortiz-Magro wasn't feeling the love. Ronnie admitted to the girls that he was envious of Mike's relationship and didn't think he could have that with his baby mama Jen. After the ladies pressed him for answers, Ronnie finally dropped the bombshell that Jen cheated on him prior to the show's start, and he was trying to not bring it up:

I came into the house and tried to put up this front. I don't like bringing outside shit into the house so I try to work through it myself which you can't do because everyone needs help.

All of a sudden Ronnie's sketchy behavior, unwillingness to commit to his situation, and his "spiraling" on Jersey Shore Family Vacation began to make sense. JWoww, Snooki, and Deena all were shocked by Ronnie's revelation, and it appeared to be genuine that none of them were aware of what had happened between Ronnie and Jen before the show started. It was the first time Jersey Shore Family Vacation allowed anyone to feel bad for Ronnie, if only for a short while.

Fans may have felt bad until they remembered that Ronnie was creeping around on his baby mama Jen at the start of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Additionally, he crept around on his ex Sammi Sweetheart quite often on the original Jersey Shore, so it's not like his actions were entirely isolated to this specific situation. To his credit, Ronnie owned up for his wrongdoings in his relationship with Jen, and confessed his biggest problem with his baby mama just might be that they are too similar:

I finally met my match. I met someone who is just like me.

Avid Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans are well aware that Ronnie's situation with Jen has not gotten any better since filming ended on Season 1. The two have had their fair share of drama outside of the program, and a relationship very far from the one of The Situation and Lauren. Hopefully whatever's meant to happen does, and Ronnie can eventually find a way to be happy.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on MTV Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Season 1 is heading towards the finish line, so fans better head on over to our summer premiere guide to see what other shows they should check out after its over!

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