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Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman Walter White

While Breaking Bad ended five years ago in 2013, its universe lives on in the form of Better Call Saul. The spinoff series launched two years after Breaking Bad ended in 2015. Ever since it began, fans have been wondering if Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul could pop back in to reprise their roles as Walter and Jesse. Well, Cranston has provided some insight on that front. When asked about whether he would be willing, Bryan Cranston responded by saying:

If he asked, I would just say yes... [Vince] takes such meticulous care of his characters and the story, and he changed our lives. 'Yes' is the answer. Even if it's just a brush-by. A quick little something. We've come to know people who we've seen before but we don't know that we've seen them before, because we were in the store and we just passed by them. Or we might even have a word or two. 'Oh no, please go ahead.' 'Thank you for holding the door.' And then five years later, you would never remember that. So something as minuscule as that could be very interesting in the fabric of the whole thing. We have those kind of encounters every day, and I think that would be fun for the audience --- and the most honest.

Bryan Cranston sounds pretty open to the possibility of reprising his iconic role as Walter White. Cranston's response to EW will undoubtedly bolster the hopes of fans wishing for this outcome. And he has also shared he has "a couple of ideas" he wants to pitch to Better Call Saul's showrunners. Whether fans will be satisfied with Walter White making his Better Call Saul appearance in a cameo as subtle as a "brush-by" is anyone's guess.

It would certainly leave the audience wanting more, which could theoretically open the door to other appearances in the future. Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan knows his audience well so if that were to end up happening, there is little reason to think it would be a flop. The thing about Better Call Saul is that it has satiated fans appetite for the Breaking Bad universe, while keeping the vein to the original series that started it all.

With the existence of Better Call Saul, the door has been left open for the characters to be brought back to life. It is something that has not gone over fans' heads. Will it actually happen though? Season 4 premieres later this summer. Could there be a secret cameo by Walter White?

And while all of this explains how Bryan Cranston feels about reprising his role, how does his co-star Aaron Paul feel about the possibility of bringing Jesse Pinkman back to life? Well, when asked if he is open to filming a few scenes, this is what Paul had to say:

My attitude towards it is the same I had from when Better Call Saul first started. If Vince decided to put Jesse in Better Call Saul, it's going to be for a reason, and that reason's going to be very satisfying for me. I trust in Vince. I don't think he would just do that to satisfy the fans. It would have a purpose, and whether or not he decides to find that purpose or searches for the purpose, I don't know. But if he does find that purpose, I'm happy to jump on board.

From the sound of things, both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are willing to do it, which is a good sign. Again, the question is whether their appearances will ever come to fruition. It is in the hands of the showrunners. Breaking Bad's creator recently shared how he hoped Jesse Pinkman's life would have ended up after the series' finale and posited that the character could be revisited. Will the stars align for a Jesse and Walt appearance on Better Call Saul? Stay tuned.

The fourth season of Better Call Saul premieres August 6 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Every season of Breaking Bad and the first three seasons of Better Call Saul are currently available to stream on Netflix. For new and returning television shows you can anticipate watching over the next couple months, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.