Better Call Saul Season 4 First Look Unleashes Gus Fring's Deadly Reign

The summer months are good for a lot of things, from barbecuing to playing baseball to swimming. Here in 2018, they're good for anticipating the hell out of watching the next chapter in Jimmy McGill's life unfold during Better Call Saul Season 4. The new episodes will kick off in August, and we finally have a few ideas of what we can expect to see when Gus Fring starts expanding his criminal profile in earnest. Check out the body-dropping teaser below!

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With an opening shot that brings to mind the poster for The Exorcist, presumably non-coincidentally, this Better Call Saul teaser delivers one intense and bloody moment after another, and residents might very well think that the town of Albuquerque is possessed by some ancient form of evil. But it's nothing ancient. It's Giancarlo Esposito's Gus Fring.

After being introduced in Season 3, during one of the most nerve-wracking sequences in this franchise's history, Gus Fring did not take long before making his presence known and felt within the Southwest's criminal underworld. And so in Season 4, he'll obviously be taking things up a notch in the "shortening other people's lives" department, with Michael Mando's Nacho looking set to handle much of that dirty business himself.

We technically only see two dead folks (or one dead and one bordering on dead), but there's also a car getting its windows blown out, and that same car is soon fully engulfed in flames. So it doesn't look good for anyone who might have been inside the vehicle at the time.

Interestingly, neither Saul nor Kim appears in the teaser, and the only other face besides Gus' that we get to see full-on is that of Jeremiah Bitsui's Victor, the Breaking Bad henchman who first showed up on Better Call Saul in a recurring capacity during Season 3.

better call saul victor season 4

If all we're seeing are villains, then Better Call Saul Season 4 doesn't seem destined to rain joy and success down upon Jimmy's life. He'll be dealing with the aftermath of Chuck's death, although we're still not sure if that shocker will be treated as accidental or suicidal. Plus, Jimmy and Kim's relationship will go through some growing pains, though hopefully not so many that it goes away forever.

Better Call Saul will bring Season 4 to fans on Monday, August 6, at 10:00 p.m. ET. Check out what Giancarlo Esposito's slightly familiar new role will be, and to see what other new and returning shows will be debuting soon, head to our summer premiere schedule.

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