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John Krasinski is returning to the small screen for a big project next month, but his new role won't exactly have a lot in common with the character that made him famous on The Office. Krasinski will star in Amazon Prime's Jack Ryan TV series, and although it won't debut until the end of August, the footage released so far has made it clear that there's a lot to look forward to. A new promo featuring voiceovers from no fewer than three U.S. presidents has hit the web, and it promises a new frontier as well as plenty of action to keep us on the edges of our seats. Take a look!

How about that to get your heart pumping a little faster today? John Krasinski is about as un-Jim Halpert as can be in this Jack Ryan footage, although some of the shots point toward him stuck at a desk in an office for at least part of his work. The series will start off early in Jack Ryan's action-packed career, when he's still an up-and-coming analyst at the CIA who hasn't yet ventured out into the field. After he uncovers a pattern in terrorist communications with devastating implications, he finds himself in the middle of a conflict to stop a new kind of terrorism that could cause great destruction all over the world.

It all starts with a suspicious set of bank transfers, and he winds up on a dangerous and potentially deadly journey throughout Europe and the Middle East. The new promo makes it clear that bullets will fly, explosives will blow, and everybody should probably take cover. Basically, the "new frontier" mentioned at the end doesn't sound like a good one, and Jack Ryan and Co. will undoubtedly work very hard to make sure nobody ventures too far into that new frontier.

You may have recognized the voice of the person mentioning the "new frontier." The comment was pulled from a speech from none other than John F. Kennedy, who dropped the quote when accepting the Democratic nomination for President back in 1960. Kennedy isn't the only president to have his voice featured in the trailer. Bill Clinton can be heard stating that "our challenges are fearsome," which is a quote from his 1993 inaugural address. The most recent is the line from Donald Trump about how "there should be no fear" and "we will not fail," both of which seem to be pulled from his 2017 inaugural address.

It should be interesting to see if Jack Ryan continues to connect to real-life American politics or if it will primarily diverge. The show has already been renewed for a second season, so we can at least be confident that Season 1 won't end with Jack Ryan's death. The eight-episode first season will premiere on Friday, August 31 on Amazon Prime. For more streaming options, check out our 2018 Amazon Prime schedule.