People With High Income Really Like Watching Netflix's GLOW

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GLOW recently returned to Netflix with its second season and new data has revealed some interesting trivia regarding the show's audience. As it turns out, the series has found a devoted following among Netflix's most affluent viewers in the United States. The results put GLOW within striking proximity to two of Netflix's most high-profile series: the streamer's royal drama The Crown and its political thriller House of Cards. Let's drill deeper on how close the wrestling comedy came to the competition.

The top three is a close group with one definitive winner for the audience with the highest median income. The Crown still sits atop the throne with its viewers pulling in $84,200. That number puts the series ahead in the median by a significant margin. Second place still belongs to House of Cards with $80,400. GLOW closes in for third with $80,200. According to Nielsen SVOD Content Ratings, the show had the highest concentration of so-called "white-collar" viewers with a staggering 67%, per Deadline. And that's not all the new stats revealed.

GLOW has also claimed a young audience during its second season. In the season's first three days of streaming, 86% of its audience fell between the ages of 18 and 49. After a critically acclaimed first season that proved incredibly popular with audiences, GLOW is proving there is no second season slump in sight for the comedy. Despite all of the pressure, the show appears to be handling its second season with a strong performance in the ratings.

What could come from GLOW having the United States' third most affluent audience on Netflix is not entirely clear. For now, it is just an intriguing bit of trivia and statistical info for the show's "Did you know?" section. From the Queen to the queens of ladies wrestling, affluent viewers' picks make for a robust top three.

In a slight study of the study, The Crown and House of Cards are both incredibly serious dramas, whereas GLOW is much more lighthearted by comparison. While it seems like an obvious statement, it is a compelling insight into the eclectic nature of people's interests.

And there is one more point of interest worth mentioning. Out of the three series, The Crown and GLOW are both set in the past, albeit the not-too-distant past. Netflix has not announced a third season renewal for GLOW yet. Given how well it is doing according to Nielsen with its ratings during its first three days available to stream, it stands to reason Netflix will want another match.

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