WWE Superstars Will Take On GLOW's Cast For TBS' Drop The Mic

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The WWE and Netflix are about to collide as a few of the wrestling organization's female superstars are set to match up against some stars of the streaming service's 80s comedy GLOW. In what is sure to be a "smackdown," stars from each respective organization will come together for a very special "PRO vs GLOW" episode of TBS' Drop The Mic. The two teams will go head-to-head in a matchup that puts an emphasis on dropping dope rhymes as opposed to vicious elbows.

Drop The Mic will feature the WWE superstars and cast members of GLOW in an episode for Season 2 of the series, which has not yet been given a release date. Squared Circle Sirens reported that the WWE will be represented by women superstars Alicia Fox, Carmella, and Nikki and Brie Bella, while the GLOW side will have actresses Kate Nash, Jackie Tohn, Sunita Mani and Britney Young. Fans of the Netflix series will notice that Alison Brie is not a part of this special episode, which is likely disappointing to many. Luckily, there's still plenty of talent to spare in this matchup that should be entertaining. There's no telling which side has the advantage in this matchup.

Rap battles and wrestling go along better than most audiences outside the WWE viewership may assume. Wrestlers like John Cena and the late Macho Man Randy Savage have a rap song or two. Unfortunately, the rap skills of the WWE women participating in Drop The Mic are suspect at best. Neither Alicia Fox or The Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie) have ever dropped a dope rhyme on television, leaving Carmella the sole MC to carry the team through this battle. That's bad news for the Divas as Carmella once showcased her rap skills on an episode of Total Divas and, by her own admission, it was pretty bad:

The WWE Divas' saving grace falls mainly on the fact that the GLOW cast is pretty much in the same boat. The group has actress/singer Kate Nash who is likely capable of dropping a few bars, but Jackie Tohn, Sunita Mani and Britney Young have little to no experience to speak of. That said, these ladies are masters of the acting craft, so at the very least they can fake knowing what they're doing and potentially win that way, right? Perhaps the intimidation factor alone will cause the badass ladies of the WWE to crumple underneath the bravado of the gorgeous ladies of Netflix.

Season 2 of Drop The Mic is headed to TBS, but no release date has been announced at this time. For more information regarding upcoming television shows, be sure to visit our midseason premiere guide. For a look at more wrestling related projects, be sure to check out HBO's amazing trailer for its documentary about Andre The Giant.

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