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Stranger Things David Harbour

The third season of Stranger Things may be a ways off, but thankfully that is not keeping its stars from teasing what fans can expect when the new season finally arrives. As he has been in the past, David Harbour is again proving to be a source of knowledge for the next installment of the smash hit series. This time, Harbour is offering a theory-provoking hint at what fans should prepare to see in Season 3, saying:

If you're a real fan of Stranger Things and you really want to know, I would go look at the great films that were released in '85, of which there were many, and just go down that list and think of the possibilities that we could be going with. I think it is a specific season to 1985, and so you'll see references to that.

While Stranger Things is a television show, it has openly acknowledged the influence of movies on the series, which makes David Harbour's tease (via Deadline) all the more intriguing. This is one disclosure that should not land the now two-time Emmy nominee in any hot water either. Instead, his movie hint is one of those gentle teases that will inspire fans to speculate, while also giving them nothing over the top "spoiler-y."

Conscious of how much he could divulge, David Harbour said he could not reveal which movies he was alluding too, which makes total sense. So now we can speculate and theorize on them instead. And there would be no due diligence for the Stranger Things fans to spend time seeking out what which "epic" movies came out in 1985 that could potentially tie into Stranger Things Season 3. So without getting into all of them, let's dig in.

In keeping with the traditional feel of the series, it seems like we can narrow our focus to science fiction and horror movies, with a possible exception for the teen drama The Breakfast Club. One movie that immediately shoots to the top of the list is the cult classic The Goonies. There is also the Michael J. Fox starrer Back to the Future and Ron Howard's science fiction fantasy Cocoon, which may both be worth considering.

Many would consider those films pretty "epic" in the science fiction/fantasy realm. Although 1985 has a lot to offer in terms of inspiration outside of those specific genres. David Harbour's movie tease opens up a lot for Stranger Things fans to consider, as 1985 was a massive year for movies that can be called epic. Although The Goonies seems like the 1985 movie that would boast the most substantial connection to Stranger Things.

One of the movie's stars, Sean Astin, even had a pivotal role in Season 2. Fans will, of course, learn more about the films that played a role in shaping Season 3, when the new installment arrives. Hopefully, before it potentially messes with Eggo waffle sales any further.

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