David Harbour Talks Stranger Things Spoilers, And Getting In Trouble With Netflix

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When it comes to spoilers, actors are often among the first to know them. When it comes to super-popular shows like Stranger Things, that means its stars have to keep a really tight lid on things. Aterall, it could potentially unwrap a huge surprise the show's creators have in store. During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, David Harbour explained why he is not made privy to more of what's going to happen on the show than his kid co-stars, saying:

I'm kind of notorious for just giving away entire seasons and stuff. You know, I think it's the kind of stuff that I thought were self-evident. Like, I said something last year about Winona having this boyfriend, which wound up being this Bob character, played by Sean Astin, that apparently was not public knowledge. And then I get these very disappointed calls from Ted Sarandos [Netflix's chief content officer] and just Netflix executives. They're not angry, they're just like 'Oh, David.' Just like your dad. 'We're disappointed.'

As fans of Stranger Things and other edge-of-your-seat shows know, one has to actively avoid the spoilers that seem to be lurking in every corner of the internet. The humorous clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live! is proof of that. You have to imagine that spoiler-prevention has to be one of the trickiest parts of the job.

Knowing what is out there or not can also be confusing. Unfortunately for fans wanting a dose of spoilers, it sounds like David Harbour may not be spilling anything as juicy as Joyce getting a boyfriend in Season 2. This interview is not the first time Harbour has revealed that he is kept out of the loop regarding spoilers for the show. Seven months ago, the actor shared that Stranger Things' creators had decided to cut him off.

Of course, David Harbour has to film stuff that is spoiler-related, so after production wraps that strategy may prove futile. Two things the actor does not have to worry about spoiling is that The Princess Bride's Cary Elwes will be in Season 3 and Hopper will be sporting a mustache. That last "spoiler," Harbour already revealed on social media, albeit it is not much of a plot-changer.

The hype surrounding Stranger Things' third season is already building. With no official premiere date set, that anticipation should only continue to grow, which means fans may get even more ravenous for spoilers. Stranger Things has quickly become one of Netflix's biggest flagship properties, and therefore has more fans and pressure than its peers.

Netflix hasn't always had the greatest track record with spoilers, as its been hacked quite a few times. Orange is the New Black is consistently spoiled before new seasons are released, a struggle also shared with HBO's massively popular Game of Thrones. Stranger Things is certainly up there in regards to rampant popularity, so there are no doubt plenty of insidious forces trying to spoil Season 3. Let's just hope that David Harbor doesn't help them out too much.

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