Stranger Things: First Look At Hopper's Mustache Is Already The Best Thing About Season 3

David Harbour is far from a master of secrets when it comes to Stranger Things. The actor is so genially bad about accidentally revealing things to fans and the media that the Duffer Brothers had amusingly cut him out of any and all spoiler talk regarding the series. Unfortunately, it appears their efforts have been in vain, as Harbour may have revealed a shaggier new look for Sheriff Hopper in Season 3. Provided this image is legit from the set, Hooper's mustache is already looking like the best thing to come out of Stranger Things' new season:

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Sheriff Hopper looks to be taking a page out of Burt Reynolds' and Tom Selleck's co-authored book here by donning a classic '80s mustache. Granted, to go full Reynolds, David Harbour would have to take care of the surrounding facial fuzz on his cheeks and that small soul patch just below his lip. So is that something he was just about to do after posting his bear-y interesting photo to Instagram, or did the Stranger Things star just forget to shave that morning?

Whatever the case, it almost looks like Stranger Things has decided Sheriff Hopper is abandoning the thinner-but-wider wraparound facial hair in Season 3. This mustache is way thicker and bushier than Hopper has kept it in seasons past, and the beard scruff on his neck and chin look significantly trimmed down as well. That said, David Harbour also has a brochure and a photo filter masking part of his face, which could just mean any hair there is less noticeable. But even if that's true, this version of Hopper's mustache is certainly something fans may not have known they needed until now. He can no longer enter a car without sliding across the hood first.

If Sheriff Hopper is rocking a new look in Season 3, what's the special occasion? Is this the season that Hopper will finally put the moves on Joyce Byers? Will is home, Bob is gone, Hopper is a dad now, it all seems as though the stars have aligned for these two to finally give things a shot. The real question is what Joyce's opinion on facial hair is, since Bob was pretty clean shaven throughout the bulk of Season 2. Of course, maybe he's not trying to impress Joyce at all, but rather some other woman. Hell, he might just be doing it for himself because he wants to look cool, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with a single dad doing something for himself!

We're pretty interested in that bear, too. And not just to joke that Hopper is trying to look like the animal. Does this post mean we're possibly going to see Hawkins fall victim to bear attacks, along with all the supernatural and otherworldly threats its citizens are dealing with? In a weird way, I would be so invested with watching a bear try to adapt to things inside the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Season 3 is in production, but there's no word yet on when the new season will come to Netflix. For a list of other things headed to Netflix in the near future, visit our Netflix premiere guide. For a more general look at what's coming to television in 2018, visit our summer premiere guide.

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