Watch The Bachelor's Ben Higgins Rock Out To Bon Jovi On Lip Sync Battle

Ben Higgins may have shot down any speculation surrounding him one day appearing as The Bachelor again, but that doesn't mean the reality TV star is above trying to woo women on other television programs! Higgins will be back on the boob tube very soon to rock out a Bon Jovi performance that fans of Lip Sync Battle and The Bachelor won't want to miss.

Well, that was certainly something! Ben Higgins may be many things to many people, but "dancer" probably isn't one of them for anyone, as he did little more than strut along the stage here while high-fiving the audience. In his defense, Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name" isn't a song one can do much more than jump around and nod along to, so we can cut him some slack. Plus, this is only a clip, so maybe the big moves come out later.

Lip Sync Battle host (among other things) Chrissy Teigen didn't knock Higgins for his lack of dancing during his performance, although she had a pretty good burn regarding that goofy wig he was wearing. Had Higgins auditioned with that hairstyle back in the day for a hypothetical '80s version of The Bachelor, he may not have made the cut.

Ben Higgins' performance was spirited, to say the least, although The Bachelorette fans may have tuned him out completely after that shot of LL Cool J and Higgins' competitor Rachel Lindsay. That's right, Lip Sync Battle is hosting a Battle of the Sexes-type showdown between former stars of both franchise shows. Judging from Higgins' performance, Lindsay may not have much trouble winning this battle, although one should never count out Higgins considering the craziness he managed to survive in Season 20 of The Bachelor.

That said, not even Ben Higgins is all that confident he's going to beat the flawless Rachel Lindsay. The reality star revealed on the Lip Sync Battle pre-show that he is certain Lindsay is going to beat him, but that he's still going to give it his all. Higgins also revealed that if he does manage to win, the victory could create an on-camera crying moment for him, which really shows how big of a moment this could be for him, especially when measured up against the other times he's cried on television. Fans may remember one of the latest times Higgins cried on camera, which was during a very emotional talk about his failed relationship with Lauren Bushnell.

But back to Bon Jovi and cool hair and stuff. Ben Higgins and Rachel Lindsay will wage war on a new episode of Lip Sync Battle airing on Thursday, July 18, at 10:30 p.m. ET on The Paramount Network. For more wild Lip Sync Battle performances check out the time Michael Bolton really dropped the ball with a Coolio song, or when Alicia Silverstone made an epic comeback as one of her iconic characters. For a look at what other television will be airing that night or in the weeks ahead, feel free to hop on over to our summer premiere guide.

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