When scripted shows get on in years, the creative process tends to involve more trends, gimmicks and over-the-top ridiculousness, often diluting the essence of what made the show good enough to last that long in the first place. But in the case of reality shows, particularly The Bachelor, things get a lot more interesting once all bets are off and normal behavior is for outcasts. This latest season has been no different, and current bachelor Ben Higgins has been at the center of some shriek-worthy moments, and was absolutely the cause of a few.

To celebrate tonight's Season 20 finale of The Bachelor, we thought we'd look to the past recent months to bring back the craziest and most uncomfortable bits that this latest season had to offer. The only roses being handed out here squirt water when you get too close.

 the bachelor
10. Amber And Becca's Return
Choosing between 26 different things is a difficult task, whether you’re talking about vehicles, shirts, cheeses or, in this case, potential life mates. So Ben’s life didn’t get any easier by having another two contestants added to The Bachelor’s pool of ladies, especially when they happened to be Becca Tilley and Amber James, two of the contestants who were eliminated during Season 19, when Chris Soules was the Bachelor. Now, previous contestants had returned in the past, but never two in one season when both are still so fresh in Bachelor viewers’ memories.

Truth be told, their arrival in the premiere was probably crazier than anything that either of them went through in the coming weeks. Becca just seemed like she wasn’t really into Ben (or anything), and Amber treated Ben as if he was a celebrity rather than someone she could attempt to have a human connection with. Neither one of them made it to the end the second time either.

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