SNL Blooper Reel Features Hilarious Outtakes From Kevin Hart, Charles Barkley And More

As many of us likely guessed, a lot goes into making Saturday Night Live happen, including having to remember lines and stay in character, among other aspects. And as will be seen, when you are making funny things happen, laughter is often hard to avoid, even for the professionals. So with that said, Saturday Night Live has been kind enough to share bloopers from the film unit, which includes outtakes featuring Kevin Hart and Charles Barkley. You can watch the video below:

One of the great things about blooper reels is that they show you how much fun the cast is often having on the set. Kevin Hart and Saturday Night Live cast member Kenan Thompson's segments are among the best featured because you can see that clearly coming through in their bloopers.

In the case of Will Ferrell, what appeared to be a strong take probably had to be redone due to him holding the product upside down at the end. Little things like that have to be taken into account. Obviously needing to create a blooper reel is a good sign for Saturday Night Live. If the material is not funny enough to crack up the cast working on it, it is unlikely to make the viewing public chuckle, which is the aim of the show.

Interestingly, not many in the video appeared to break into giggles long enough that they could not go on, or had to break. While filming "Captain Shadow & The Cardinal," Kevin Hart did ask for a second, so he may have needed a moment to collect himself. The blooper reel is rich with moments that definitely made yours truly curious to watch many of the actually segments. Thankfully Saturday Night Live appeared to anticipate that.

Each blooper take has the name of the segment scrolled in the lower left-hand corner so you can go look them up as another bonus that will mean additional clicks on the other videos Saturday Night Live has posted on YouTube. While blooper reels are always a welcomed sight, it was wonderful of Saturday Night Live, in particular, to share theirs.

It probably took a lot of effort to edit all of them together, but it was totally worth it. Fans often get to see the polished end result, which makes your ability to appreciate how much went into it harder to grasp. Overcoming laughter and trying to remember lines is a tough task and this video offered the chance for viewers to have a renewed respect for that.

Saturday Night Live will return for Season 44 on NBC, this fall. For new television shows you can anticipate watching while you wait for Saturday Night Live to return, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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