Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Get Hilariously Weird For Breaking Bad Reunion Video

Although Breaking Bad struck some hilarious notes over its five years on the air, the laughs were few and far between by the end of the series. Some of the characters who were funniest wound up in too deep to really find the humor, and by the time the final credits rolled, Jesse looked like the only laughter in his future was hysterical and half mad. Fortunately, none of this is the case for the actors, and stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunited for a video that's as bizarre as it is hilarious. Take a look!

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul both won multiple Emmys for their performances as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, so they're proven talents in bringing dramatic stories to life. In this reunion video, we can see them going hard and channeling their comedic sides to play versions of themselves. It was clear from the first glimpse of Cranston in a bathrobe, living in the RV with his hot plate and bucket, that they were willing to do just about anything. Except for the special blue meth, which the show never let Walt try.

The Breaking Bad boys weren't just goofing off on camera for no reason. As Aaron Paul started to say before coming across the disturbing sight of Bryan Cranston in a bathrobe and nothing else living in an RV on a studio set, the goal of the video was to entice viewers to donate for the chance to cook in the legendary meth lab of the RV. Every donation supports the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as well as the Kind Campaign, so it's no wonder they were willing to make caricatures of themselves for the video.

While both actors have moved on to successful projects since Breaking Bad came to a close back in 2013, is it really difficult to believe that they didn't entirely move on from the show that won them so much acclaim? Plenty of fans haven't moved on, and there's no shortage of discussions about the final episodes and whether the series ended the right way.

Are fans wallowing next to a bucket of their own filth in a dark RV, reliving the glory days of meth-cooking and quoting lines at each other? Probably (and hopefully) not, although there are definitely some people who can be counted on for a "Science, bitch!" Aaron Paul seemed done with Bryan Cranston's gleeful quotes in the reunion video... until the twist at the end that revealed Paul hadn't moved on from Breaking Bad either. He may not have moved into the RV on the Sony Studios lot, but he got a job that would allow him to be near the RV again. Is that better or is that worse?

Personally, my favorite moment has to be when Bryan Cranston furiously shouted at Aaron Paul that he's hot. He seemed personally offended that his former on-screen surrogate son found it weird whenever he called him hot, and I would give Cranston another Emmy just for the delivery of that line.

If you want to experience some of the Bryan Cranston/Aaron Paul dynamic for yourself -- although presumably with the two actors acting like themselves rather than has-beens who never got over Breaking Bad -- be sure to donate to Omaze. If you're now in the mood to relive Breaking Bad, you can find the full series streaming on Netflix. The next season of Better Call Saul will include some scenes from the series. For some viewing options that don't involve meth, swing by our summer TV schedule.

Laura Hurley
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