Michael Strahan And Sarah Haines Will Headline The Third Good Morning America Hour

Michael Strahan Live With Kelly And Michael ABC

UPDATE: ABC has now confirmed that Michael Strahan and Sarah Haines will be headlining the new hour of Good Morning America. A video of the two can be seen on the next page. The story in its original form is below.

Two years after Michael Strahan caused drama with Kelly Ripa by leaving Live! and joining Good Morning America, the latter morning program is giving the former athlete a chance to shine even brighter than he already was. Reports say Strahan will team up with The View's Sarah Haines, and the two will headline the third hour of Good Morning America. The duo will supposedly take on their new shifts in ABC's early afternoon slot, with the big debut happening on Monday, September 10.

ABC has declined to comment on the new details for Good Morning America's third hour, which entered conversations a month ago when the network cancelled the food-based talk show The Chew. But GMA isn't the only one getting a shake-up here, as Variety reported Sara Haines will be exiting her spot on The View, despite reports that her and Strahan's segment will not be recorded live each morning. Their hour is reportedly planned to air at 1:00 p.m. ET on weekdays, but may utilize the audience making it in during the 8:00 a.m. hour by taping the last hour first.

Good Morning America's renewed push for another programming hour is rooted in several issues, such as ABC wanting to gain more ground on rival NBC program Today. GMA typically has a larger viewership than Today, although the competitor has been successful at pulling a larger chunk of the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age demographic. GMA is also looking to expand its digital presence, and to allow its producers to tell more stories that are currently needing to be left out of the current two-hour telecast.

This is not the first time Good Morning America has aired at a later hour, and nor is it the first time the show featured three hours of programming air in a single day. Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer co-anchored a project called Good Afternoon America for a few months in 2012, in what was said to be a test to see if the show could have a possible expansion. Fans will have to wait and see if Michael Strahan and Sara Haines are any more successful, provided these unconfirmed-by-ABC reports turn out to be accurate.

ABC has at least confirmed Good Morning America is getting a third hour, although until they announce more, all we're sure of at the moment is the show airs weekdays at 7:00 a.m. ET. Those looking for more on Good Morning America should head here to read about the time Mr. T went off after being eliminated on Dancing With The Stars, or see why the sometimes awkward Kelly Ripa thinks drew so many people to her drama with Michael Strahan. And that's just one of many shows on television during the summer time, so head on over to our summer premiere guide and see what else is coming out.

Check out Michael Strahan and Sarah Haines announcing their new co-gig together.

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