Mr. T Hilariously Went Off On Good Morning America About His Dancing With The Stars Elimination

Mr. T Dancing With The Stars Elimination Good Morning America

Someone on the Good Morning America staff was likely laying low for most of the morning after being the target of veiled threats from Mr. T! Taking presumably faux offense with the distinction that he and dance partner Kym Herjavec were "booted off" Dancing With The Stars, the now former contestant pried GMA host Michael Strahan for details hoping to find out who wrote the introduction leading into his and interview:

When you introduced us, you said, 'Kim and Mr. T got booted off,' and I resented that. I want to find the guy who said that. I know you didn't write it. You my buddy. I say, we didn't get booted off. We gradually eased off. Nobody gonna boot Mr. T off. As a competitor, we left it on the dance floor like we supposed to. We walked off with grace and style.

I guess you can say Mr. T pitied the fool who disrespected him, or maybe no pity was involved. Of course, his actual anger was mostly in jest, but I wouldn't take the chance with him even at the ripe old age of 64. I'd like to think Mr. T could still throw a mean headlock on whatever puny Good Morning America writer threw that line across the teleprompter for Michael Strahan to deliver.

I was cracking up at the full video on ABC News when he offered to shave his head for a chance to get ahold of that writer! While I don't think the A-Team vet would've actually done something like that, I do think his feelings could have legitimately been a bit bruised so fresh off of being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. For a guy who claimed to be well out of his comfort zone while having no dancing ability, he managed to get pretty far off of his charisma, hard work, and that iconic mohawk!

Unfortunately, charisma and that sweet mohawk were not enough to win the night on Monday's Dancing With The Stars. Mr. T and dance partner Kym Herjavec (a.k.a. Team Dancing Fools) did not escape elimination. The duo's waltz to "Amazing Grace" netted them a 28 out of 40 from judges, which was not enough to keep the two on the show, even when combined with votes from the viewers. As Michael Strahan mentioned on Good Morning America, Dancing Fools' elimination was met by loud boos from the audience, followed by a standing ovation for the eliminated team. Had he won, Mr. T had intended to donate his prize purse to St. Jude and the Shriners Hospital.

Mr. T joins other eliminated celebrities Charo and former Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Kattan on the sidelines as Season 24 of Dancing With The Stars rolls on. Reality star Erika Jayne managed to escape elimination this week, but will she be so lucky next time? Personally, I'm rooting for Nancy Kerrigan to make it to the finals, if only to see if Tonya Harding will go off and do something crazy! Catch Dancing With The Stars Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and go to our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule to keep tabs on all popular shows.

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