Timothy Olyphant's Blunt Feelings About HBO's Deadwood TV Movie

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Fans of HBO's Deadwood despaired when it was cancelled back in 2006, but recent years have given reason to hope for more. Rumors of a Deadwood reunion movie have been floating around since 2015, and signs were looking good for HBO to really get moving on the TV movie sooner rather than later. Now, Deadwood star Timothy Olyphant has weighed in on if and when we really might get that movie, and he didn't mince words:

I am hopeful. I mean, I'm a huge fan of David Milch. The man means the world to me. It's one of the most amazing creative experiences I've ever been able to be apart of, and I'd love to be ... you know, when you do these things you really miss the people. It would just be a lovely excuse to get all those people back together. That being said, there's no fucking way it's ever going to happen.

On the one hand, Timothy Olyphant clearly treasures his time working with David Milch--who created, produced, and wrote for the show--and would be happy to do so again. He even seems like he would be more than happy to work with his former Deadwood castmates again. On the other hand, his comments indicate that he isn't going to put any money on the TV movie ever actually happen.

Timothy Olyphant's blunt words about the chances of the Deadwood movie ever actually happen will undoubtedly disappoint fans who have been crossing their fingers for the reunion. Still, other folks from Deadwood are a lot more optimistic about the movie going into production. Ian McShane has been openly hopeful about getting everybody back together again for year, and he revealed back in April 2017 that a script had been delivered to HBO. Actress Kim Dickens has read the script and called it "amazing," so it sounds like the quality of the script won't be the roadblock to getting the movie made.

As to why he's so sure that the Deadwood movie won't be made, Timothy Olyphant went on in his chat on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live (via EW) to say this:

It's too hard to get people together for a BBQ! What are we talking about? I'm a cynic.

Evidently, Timothy Olyphant is so pessimistic about the Deadwood movie simply because there are a lot of people who would need to find time in their schedule to participate. They're a busy group of actors with projects that might take precedence over a one-off reunion movie. That said, HBO doesn't think fans should give up just yet. The network said in a statement that they're continuing to try and find a way to reunite the actors and produce the film. If HBO is determined enough to invest time and money to finally get the movie made, maybe Timothy Olyphant will be proved wrong.

Only time will tell. If you want to see some Timothy Olyphant while we wait for news of Deadwood's future, you can find him on Netflix's zombie comedy Santa Clarita Diet. For more viewing options, take a gander at our midseason TV premiere guide and summer TV premiere schedule. If you're not up on all the shows that will and will not be back next season, swing by our rundown of network TV cancellations and renewals.

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