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Remember that thing I said about Big Brother being unpredictable this season? Well, Season 20 took that to the next level last night. The live episode ended without a proper exit interview or a Head of Household competition. We have updates on both, including spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, so if you don't want to know who won Head of Household, read no further!

Here's how things are going in the Big Brother house since the live episode aired on Thursday night...

Head of Household:



Nominations take place on Friday

Powers in Play:

Tyler's Cloud

Bayleigh's Identity Theft

Big Brother Bayleigh

The feeds were down for an extended period of time after the live episode on Thursday night. I'd be very surprised if the producers were at all prepared for Kaitlyn not to finish that puzzle in the allotted amount of time. Alas, she panicked partway through and then ran out of time before she managed to get her stand-up puzzle put together. Kaitlyn is gone, and from what Julie Chen said during her exit interview, she won't be on the jury, which means there's presumably no chance Kaitlyn will have another opportunity to play the game in Season 20. Though I have to imagine the producers will need to do a bit of season rearranging to account for the returning houseguest twist that didn't play out this week. Regardless, I think it was supposed to be all but a certainty that whoever got evicted this week would return. Kaitlyn didn't, which means she goes back to the wild and the houseguests move forward in what is proving to be a most entertaining season of Big Brother.

Big Brother released Kaitlyn's interview with Julie Chen and the live feeds came back on later to reveal that Bayleigh has won Head of Household. She's been having talks with houseguests since the feeds returned and from what she told Fessy, she's considering putting up JC, Rachel and/or Brett. I get the sense it's either JC or Brett that she's targeting this week, and that Rachel is just someone she doesn't really have a close connection with, who would be the pawn. But there was also conversation about how houseguests like Rachel and Angela are basically skating through the game right now while other people pick each other off. So it's possible one of them will be targeted. Scottie's name also came up as a possible backdoor option.

Bayleigh doesn't appear to be interested in targeting Tyler this week. It's funny that most of the houseguests seem to write Tyler off as a casual player who maybe got caught up in Kaitlyn's web. Unless he gets paranoid, or things change for Bayleigh between now and nominations, I don't imagine he'll use his Cloud power this week. And since Bayleigh's head of household, her Identity Theft power will undoubtedly remain unused this week as well.

Nominations typically take place on Friday afternoon, then the Veto competition takes place on Saturday. So there's still a lot that can happen between now and Sunday night's episode.

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