One Property Brothers Episode They Had To Give Up On Mid-Production

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HGTV's Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have handled some pretty tough jobs, and they've managed to complete nearly all of them. In fact, there's only been one time the Brothers have had to throw up their hands and quit a job mid-production, and it was all thanks to a very uncooperative homeowner unwilling to properly fix a very serious problem.

The brothers recalled the building and filming started off smoothly, although as is the case with 99% of home renovation shows, there was an unexpected problem. The Property Brothers approached the homeowner about an issue that involved the house and several others next to it shifting due to poor soil. Drew and Jonathan learned the house was built on a landfill, which explained why the living room was level on one end of the house and about four and a half feet higher on the other. The brothers attempted to explain how serious the issue was to the homeowner, but Drew Scott told reporters at the TCA summer press tour (via TV Guide) the homeowner wasn't hearing any of it:

They didn't properly prep the soil before building, so all the houses in the neighborhood were sinking, literally sinking. Inside the house, the house was falling apart. He wanted Jonathan to cheap out and said... level the floor. 'Just level the floor out and don't worry about the structure.

Drew Scott went onto explain that what the homeowner was requesting was illegal, and perhaps dangerous for anyone living in the home. Home renovation shows are often under a microscope by regulatory committees who wish to ensure safe working standards are maintained, and a program can get a pretty hefty fine by not doing things by the book. Obviously, this was one of those times, and with the Property Brothers team unwilling to honor the homeowner's request to "level it out," they wanted to work towards finding another solution.

The worst part of the situation was the impasse between Property Brothers and the homeowner came when a fair chunk of filming for the episode was already completed. Leaving the project meant the team would have to scrap a lot of footage already shot for the episode, which included the homeowner and his firefighter co-workers demolishing the house prior to renovation. Jonathan Scott said the footage could've made for the duo's sexiest episode to date, but brother Drew indicated the footage wasn't tantalizing enough for them to break the law and complete the house:

We ended up walking away, and that's the only homeowner, thank goodness... we ever had to walk away from.

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