The Drake And Josh House Is Being Demolished, Watch Josh Peck's Reaction

The home once used to film Drake and Josh went up for sale months ago for an asking price of $1.85 million. Judging from recent pictures of the house, either the house is getting dismantled or whoever bought it had other plans in mind. In either case it would appear the house from the iconic Nickelodeon series is going through some changes, and a camera was rolling to get Josh Peck's reaction:

Josh Peck's reaction is hilarious as he says goodbye to the house that was only ever the home of Drake and Josh from the outside. That might be why Peck isn't all that sentimental about it, as the interior of the house looks nothing like the actual rooms and sets featured in the Nickelodeon show. Of course, there's also the possibility that Peck is ready for people to stop obsessing over Drake and Josh and ask him about other things happening in his career. As YouTuber David Dobrik and Peck said, the sitcom was 11 years and 100 pounds ago, so perhaps it's for the best so people finally move on.

Josh Peck had a lot of negativity for his former sitcom in the short video, but even he couldn't keep himself from making a Drake and Josh reference while visiting the home. The moment came when the two claimed Megan, Drake and Josh's conniving little sister on the show, was the one responsible for getting the house torn down. Speaking of Drake Bell, the other half of the former comedy series shared a reaction to the home's state on his Twitter that fans might feel is a little less harsh on the show's fandom:

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The video alleged that the Drake and Josh home is being demolished, although it's still not entirely known whether or not that's the case. Zillow listed the home was purchased on Valentine's Day of this year for a few hundred thousand below the asking price, so it could be that someone still has plans to live in it. If anything, the new owner might be in the process of renovating to update the home to a more modern aesthetic, or perhaps to prevent vloggers and rampant Nickelodeon superfans from gawking outside the home at all hours of the night. Any scenario is possible, but the fact remains that the Drake and Josh home will never be the same.

Drake and Josh fans stunned by the house's changed state can still see it on the show by bingeing the entire series on Hulu. For a look at other things coming to streaming in the near future, visit our Netflix and Amazon premiere guides. Those just wanting to see what new and returning television is due to make a splash this summer can find out by visiting our summer premiere guide.

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