Joanna Gaines Shares Adorable Photo Of New Baby Boy

Joanna and Chip Gaines recently welcomed another bundle of joy into their lives with the arrival of Crew Gaines last week. The fifth child in the Fixer Upper family, the newborn arrived earlier than anticipated, but the baby boy was welcomed heartily all-the-same. And in another look at the baby provided by Joanna Gaines' social media feed, we learn a little bit about Chip Gaines after each child of his is born. Take a look at the photo below.

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In the caption for the beautiful baby photo, Joanna Gaines makes a reference to her husband's hairy arm in the snapshot, and admits that Chip Gaines is known to hold a tradition every time a child is born. As the reality TV personality admits, Chip Gaines wears the hospital bracelet he gets when he arrives at the hospital on his arm until it literally falls off. As seen in the photo above, that tradition lives on with the arrival of little baby Crew Gaines.

This new social media photo is a lovely family photo, but it's not our first look at Crew Gaines. Joanna Gaines hasn't been shy about showing the newest child in her extended family to her many social media followers. When the baby's birth was first announced on social media, for instance, Joanna Gaines shared the following photo to celebrate the newborn's arrival into our world, letting everyone know that the baby was already here.

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Meanwhile, Chip Gaines hasn't been shy about voicing his enthusiasm for the newest arrival in the family either. Here's what Daddy Gaines had to say.

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Crew Gaines joins Drake, 12, Ella, 9, Duke, 8, and Emmie, 7, into the famous Gaines family. As you can see, the new son breaks the naming tradition established with the first four children. While the boys have all been given "D" names and the girls have all been given names that begin with the letter "E," Crew Gaines is the first Gaines (besides the father, obviously) to receive a name that begins with the letter "C." It's still not entirely clear why the child was given the name Crews, or why the family decided to break this tradition, but we know that it was ultimately Joanna that decided to change it up. While the name Crew isn't quite as common as the ones his brothers and sisters have received, it's still a lovely name -- and, of course, a fitting one, given the family he's now a part of.

While Fixer Upper closed its doors for good earlier this year, Chip Gaines, Joanna Gaines and the rest of Gaines family can still be seen on HGTV's spin-off series, Fixer Upper: Behind the Design.

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