Full House's Lori Loughlin Shares Her Favorite Becky And Jesse Memories

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Every Full House fan probably has their favorite scene or memory from the show, and Lori Loughlin recently shared hers. The actress, who portrayed the integral role of Becky on Full House, has reprised the role on the spinoff sequel Fuller House, but Becky and Jessie's epic romance saw its shares of ups and downs on the original series. So, what are Lori Loughlin's favorite memories of this relationship? Here is what Loughlin said:

Oh, I think probably the birth of the twins, and the wedding episode. Maybe the first episode that I was on. Those moments stick out in my mind.

Lori Loughlin has terrific taste in favorite memories. As a huge Full House fan, I can confirm the ones she shared with Kathie Lee and Hoda are some of the greats. The episodes with Becky and Jesse's wedding and the birth of their twins were full-blown Full House events. Considering that Becky and Jesse had almost made it to the altar before, this made the actual wedding episode one of the series' greatest nail-biters, especially since Jesse had to skydive on his wedding day.

Jesse was also pretty out of it when his and Becky's twins were born due to him having to have emergency surgery to remove his appendix. Talk about a "have mercy" moment, right? As fans will recall, the twins share their birthday with their cousin, Michelle, making their birth extra special. Becky and Jesse's relationship was filled with those kinds of moments, where good and bad things happened within close proximity. As a sitcom, Full House always delivered great messages on how to handle situations like that.

With a wedding day as eventful as Jesse and Becky's -- she had to get him out of jail -- what does Lori Loughlin remember about filming their wedding scene? This was Loughlin's answer:

Well, both my mom and John's mom at the time were extras, so that was fun to have our moms in the background there. And I just remember it felt very festive like a wedding. It was a big production, and a lot of excitement around it.

As for the episode of Jesse and Becky's memorable engagement, Lori Loughlin shared that she recently saw the episode on TV. Thankfully, that engagement ended up with a much better result than the couple's first one did in Lake Tahoe. The episode where Jesse's extended family visited from Greece was actually the second time Jesse proposed to Becky. Regardless of the tumultuous bumps in the road, Jesse and Becky made it through them.

While there are countless ones to choose from, another Becky and Jesse highlight yours truly would have potentially added to the must-have milestone memories was the episode where Becky and Jesse found out they were having twins. You can watch the video of Lori Loughlin sharing her favorite Full House memories below:

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