Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Who Was Nominated And Who Did The Hacker Target

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Between Brett's speech and the vote to evict Rachel, Thursday night's live episode of Big Brother is going to be hard to top this summer. And yet, it's still relatively early in the season, so who knows what's in store. What we do know from the live feeds since Thursday is who is nominated, including who the replacement nominee is from the new Hacker twist. Read no further if you don't want to be spoiled!

Here's how everything is going in the house so far this Big Brother week...

Head of Household


Originally nominated


Scottie (saved by Hacker)

Won the Hacker competition


Nominated by the Hacker


Currently Nominated



Won the Veto

Not played yet

Tyler Big Brother

Angela began her Head of Household reign by nominating Rockstar and Scottie. That situation was short-lived however, as the houseguests played in the Hacker competition today. When the feeds returned, Scottie was off the block and Tyler was on it, having been nominated by the mysterious hacker winner.

As for who won the Hacker competition, that situation is unclear right now. Whoever won it isn't fessing up about it at the moment, but it's likely it's someone from the Foutte side of the house (Fessy, Rockstar, Scottie, Bayleigh or Haleigh). Whoever did win the Hacker competition is making the wise choice (so far) not to let anyone know. And that makes sense, as Tyler's exactly the kind of houseguest someone would want to nominate anonymously, so as not to have to deal with the repercussions from him or his allies. And after Brett's speech on Thursday night, which included a lot of secret information being spilled for the whole house, it's safe to say that nothing is truly a secret in this game if more than one person knows about it.

Tyler has his Cloud power, but it presumably wasn't usable (or he opted not to use it) for the Hacker twist. His power gives him the ability to be safe from the block, but only if he uses it before the nominations. Since he's on the block, the power is useless to him this week.

The Veto competition has not been played, so there's still a chance Tyler could spare himself from being on the block come Thursday night. And at this point, he probably needs to win it or hope whoever does win it takes him off the block. Because in addition to getting to choose one player to play for Veto, the Hacker also has the ability to eliminate one vote, which means if they want Tyler out of the house this week, they have two more ways to tip the scales to make it happen. And against Rockstar, as of right now, the votes to keep Tyler may be so tight, he probably couldn't afford to lose one vote in his favor.

We'll post an update with the Veto results this weekend. In the meantime, it should be interesting to see how the rest of this twist plays out.

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