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Game of Thrones is well-known for its vast array of characters and locations, but with the final season underway, we may already know one setting that will not be a factor in Season 8. And the news comes to us from actor Mark Gatiss, who portrays Tycho Nestoris on the series. It turns out that Gatiss has a significant update about Nestoris' presence, and therefore the Iron Bank's in the final season. Gatiss shared whether he would be in Season 8, saying:

I'm not in it, so I guess I survive. Although they might just mention offhand that I've had my head bitten off by a dragon off-screen or something.

No Tycho Nestoris? It is hard to accept, but it is the news Mark Gatiss shared with ShortList. Tycho was last seen in Season 7, where he made more than one appearance. Early in the season, he arrived in King's Landing to chat with Cersei about the Crown's debt to the Iron Bank. Translation: he wanted it paid. It is a significant side plot, which should affect Cersei's army in the final season. Unfortunately, The Iron Bank could be a casualty of the final season push.

Game of Thrones chose to make note of the Iron Bank and their impact on the goings on in the Seven Kingdoms in Season 7. While the final season will not show Tychos, the show dropping the Iron Bank angle entirely would be surprising, albeit feasible. Mark Gatiss' suggestion of Tycho meeting his off-screen demise may not be that far-fetched. It is theoretically possible that Cersei handle the Iron Bank like she did the Sept, and blow it up. She would not have paid her debt like a good Lannister, though.

At the end of Season 7, Cersei announced her plans to reach out to sellsword outfit, The Golden Company. She needs money to make that happen. Perhaps, she will deal with the Iron Bank off-screen to make it so. Either way, the lack of the Iron Bank's presence in the form of Tycho Nestoris is a surprising turn of events. He has been an integral, albeit non-consistent part of the show, ever since Season 4.

Tycho memorably received Stannis and Ser Davos that season. In it, Davos is able to convince Tycho that the Iron Bank should financially back Stannis. We all know how that turned out. With the war for the Iron Throne taking a back seat to fending off the incoming threat of the White Walkers, maybe the Iron Bank is just sitting back to see if humanity survives the ensuing apocalypse.

If Jon Snow and company can stop it, there could be a new leader in the Seven Kingdoms. It is tough to think of the Iron Bank wasting any time making introductions. That is if the Iron Bank is still standing, of course.

Game of Thrones will return in the first six months of 2019 on HBO. For television options, while you wait for Game of Thrones' return, check out CinemaBlend's summer premiere guide. For new television shows set to arrive this fall, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's fall premieres.

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