The Secret Code Name Game Of Thrones Used While Filming Season 8

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Security on the set of Game of Thrones has always been a little strict, and that's especially been true in regards to the show's final season. Now that filming has wrapped on Season 8, Sophie Turner can reveal some of the security measures Game of Thrones took to protect spoilers from leaking out, which included creating a fake show title to throw secret hungry fans off the trail. She said:

It was Face of Angels. It's a random one!

Sophie Turner is correct, Face of Angels is certainly a random title that has nothing to do with Game of Thrones so far, and presumably won't play into Season 8, either. Fans shouldn't rack their brains trying to search for some hidden meaning in the title, as it's probably a security measure to throw off people wanting to peek in on the show's filming. The practice is pretty standard in the film industry, and while it may not have fooled everyone who passed by the filming locations on Game of Thrones, surely a few people were thrown off the trail or less curious after reading the title.

Sophie Turner revealed to Digital Spy the filming title wasn't the only codename used on the Game of Thrones set. She also said that the show's cast also had codenames for their respective characters, as well. The actress revealed each day on set featured a different codename for each actor, so it was impossible for even the cast to know who would be on set that day without seeing them. Additionally, Turner confirmed the previously reported "self-destructing," scripts were also used on set, and that actors could no longer access their digital scripts after the shoot was over.

These are certainly incredible lengths to go through to ensure Game of Thrones isn't spoiled for anyone, although it may be all for naught, as Sophie Turner also said she's quite a blabbermouth. The actress didn't admit to spoiling anything major, although she did hint that she may have spilled some secrets about the show's final season at a party, or maybe in a conversation with her mom. Turner is only human, of course, and she's far from the first actor to run their mouths about important show secrets, so hopefully the Game of Thrones showrunners cut her some slack and cross their fingers she didn't tell the wrong person too much!

Game of Thrones is set to air sometime in 2019, and fans don't have to twiddle their thumbs in the meantime because there's a lot of promising television coming out even earlier. Head over to our summer premiere guide for a list of new and returning shows that may be worth checking out, or read up on why Game of Thrones books are banned from some prisons.

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