Grey's Anatomy Actress Chandra Wilson Is Heading To A Different TV Hospital

Grey's Anatomy Chandra Wilson Dr. Miranda Bailey
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Paging Chandra Wilson! The Grey's Anatomy actress will be guest starring on a show that also revolves around a hospital -- General Hospital that is. Wilson is set to make her second guest appearance on the daytime drama. She previously guest starred on General Hospital in 2014 as a patient of Dr. Kevin Collins. And Wilson will not be reprising her character from her earlier guest star stint. That's right, General Hospital has a whole new character in store for her latest guest spot, and it is an exciting one!

Chandra Wilson is returning to the soap as a doctor, not a patient. Wilson will portray Dr. Francine Massey, a marriage and family therapist, per TV Insider. So, who will need Dr. Massey's help in Port Charles? Jordan, Curtis, and his Aunt Stella. The trio will call upon Dr. Massey to help sort out their feelings regarding Curtis' upcoming marriage to Jordan. As General Hospital fans know, Stella is not exactly keen on her nephew marrying Jordan. Dr. Massey could hold the key to unraveling the tension.

Chandra Wilson is a huge soap fan, and has been a regular watcher of General Hospital for several decades, so it will be neat to have her take on such a pivotal role on General Hospital. There are a lot of complex emotions for Dr. Massey to sift through, as Stella and Jordan's relationship has been quite tumultuous. Curtis loves them both, but Stella has not warmed to the idea of him marrying Jordan. Maybe after talking to Wilson's Dr. Massey that will change.

If Dr. Massey is able to repair the relationship between the women in Curtis' life, then the impact of her storyline will be quite long-lasting. That is not always the case for guest star roles, so this is something special. And, given the convenience of Chandra Wilson's role on Grey's Anatomy filming on the same lot as General Hospital, one could hope that Dr. Massey's upcoming episode will not be her last on the soap. General Hospital is not shy about keeping fan favorites around, so here is hoping.

Tune in to see if Chandra Wilson's Dr. Massey can repair the relationship between Stella and Jordan when her episode airs. An air date for Wilson's debut as Dr. Francine Massey has not been shared yet, but Wilson taped the episode August 6, so a safe bet is that her episode of General Hospital will air in around a month's time, at the beginning of September.

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