First Look At Lucifer Season 4 Reveals The Title And More

In a television season that saw many cancelled shows find salvation at other networks, it appeared an ironic joke that Lucifer would be one of the few left to die. The series had a devil of a time finding a new home, but eventually, fan efforts convinced Netflix to pick up the series back in June and bring it back for Season 4. Now the show's writers have shared the title and more details regarding the first episode of Season 4, and it appears the return episode's title may be a message to the show's fans:

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"Everything's Okay," either feels like a statement to the fans or perhaps a hint that the cliffhanger at the end of Season 3 isn't quite as dramatic as folks might've thought. Co-showrunner for Lucifer, Joe Henderson, had already shared a bit about Season 4 before he knew the show would find a new home, and his statements regarding the Season 4's direction made it feel as though things were far from ok. Of course, the title could also be something Lucifer is telling himself and Chloe when the show picks back up, as Season 4 will show him trying to unravel why his Devil face returned and what that means for him.

In addition to the Season 4 premiere episode title, the Lucifer Writers Room social media account also revealed the first Netflix episode will be written by co-showrunner Joe Henderson. Henderson has written several episodes for Lucifer in the past, although this will be the first time he's written a season premiere since Season 2. Henderson was undoubtedly excited to have responsibility over the return, as he had expressed some disappointment at the time of the show's cancellation that the Season 3 finale he wrote had a cliffhanger he didn't think would be resolved.

On the directing side of things, it was revealed that Sherwin Shilati will get the honor of Lucifer's first Netflix episode. Much like Joe Henderson, this is not Shilati's first rodeo with the Lucifer franchise, as the director first came on in Season 2 to direct the episode "God Johnson." Shilati's television experience has some gaps and is a bit slim compared to more veteran television directors, although his work appears to be on the up and up, as he recently helmed an episode of Riverdale back in March.

For all the things we learned from the Lucifer crew in one tweet, there's still no word regarding when the revived series will make its way to Netflix. For a look at what shows are headed to the platform sometime soon, be sure to visit our Netflix premiere guide. Those looking for a list of upcoming cable television shows that are just around the corner should hit up our summer and fall premiere guides.

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