Watch Jimmy Fallon Throw Up On Stage During Tonight Show Game With Ryan Reynolds

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is the place to be on late night TV if you want to watch a host playing silly games with big-name guests. Whether these games result in audiences learning that a certain celebrity is terrible at Pictionary or in Shaq and Hugh Jackman crammed into a phone booth is never for certain, but we can always count on something wild happening. Jimmy Fallon challenged Ryan Reynolds to a game of Drinko, and it didn't end well for the host when he wound up throwing up on stage. Check it out!

Drinko, a.k.a. the Tonight Show version of The Price Is Right's Plinko, is a game that Jimmy Fallon has played before with the likes of Kevin Hart and Taraji P. Henson, but it never went quite like it did in this Drinko round with Ryan Reynolds. Before the game even started, Reynolds seemed like the candidate to toss his cookies before the end of the segment, commenting that he has a weak stomach. Well, the good news for Reynolds is that he didn't throw up his special Aviation Gin on national television. In fact, Reynolds was knocking back Drinko cocktails like a pro, even though he protested that his first drink -- which was a combination of Twinkies, grape soda, and gin -- tasted bad enough that he'd rather drink spinal fluid. The bad news for Jimmy Fallon is that he proved to be the one with the sensitive stomach.

In Jimmy Fallon's case, the sensitive stomach seems to be connected to a sensitive nose. Fallon looked on the verge of throwing up as soon as Ryan Reynolds began very eagerly mixing up the Drinko concoction of Twinkies, horseradish, and gin. He had to walk off and grab a garbage can as soon as he got a whiff of the horseradish, and he was nearly vomiting and weeping before he even took a sip! It therefore didn't come as a huge shock that he was puking up his special cocktail before it got very far down his throat.

On the one hand, I can't blame Jimmy Fallon for losing his lunch (and whatever else he may have had in his stomach) after drinking something containing both Twinkies and horseradish, and he actually managed to keep the game going after throwing up into a garbage can and collapsing on the studio stage, which is much more than I would have been able to do. On the other hand... well, he kind of had it coming. This was his game, after all! Maybe he needed more gin. Honestly, my favorite moment of the whole game was when Fallon laughingly admitted that this wasn't the first time he threw up on his show.

As if Ryan Reynolds hadn't already claimed victory by default after Jimmy Fallon threw up, he definitely sealed his win when he just went ahead and combined some of the grossest substances on the Drinko board for his final cocktail. In his last drink, Reynolds downed a glass of kombucha, blood, grape soda, bone broth, and bacon, egg, and cheese. He didn't even add gin to that concoction before knocking it back, astounding the audience and sending Fallon's face into his hands for another round of vomiting. Ah, late night TV. At least Reynolds washed it down with some gin.

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Laura Hurley
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