David Harbour's Weirdest Stranger Things Fan Experience Nearly Caused A Plane's Emergency Landing

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There's no question that David Harbour loves his fans, as the actor has frequently done some pretty crazy things to entertain them. For that reason, there are some fans that love Harbour maybe even more than he loves himself, and while that's not always a bad thing, some can take it too far. The actor specifically mentioned one weird and chaotic encounter he had not that long ago on an airplane that almost resulted in an emergency landing.

First of all, I do want to say as a disclaimer that 99.9 percent of the people that come up to you are gracious and lovely and sweet. There was one fan experience that I recently had, where I was on a plane, and a woman got very aggressive with me. And they almost had to make an emergency landing. She almost had to be restrained. I think something else was going on, but she was really obsessed with grabbing at me, and then she destroyed the bathroom. The police had to come when the plane landed. I felt really bad for her.

That sounds like a nightmare experience on land or in the air. Not only was David Harbour unable to calm the fan down, but the actor was also in a situation where he was somewhat trapped with this exceptionally aggressive individual until the plane could land. On top of all that, any passenger on the plane who was unaware that Stranger Things' Sheriff Hopper was on the flight was now very aware of his presence while observing, and possibly recording, the entire interaction. (That could have gone viral the minute people switched off airplane mode.) Needless to say, it must've been an incredibly tense and nerve-wracking moment for Harbour and those around.

That said, David Harbour almost seems to be underselling the incident in his interview with THR. The actor, who might've thought ahead about that particular fan reading his quotes about the incident, made sure to mention this woman seemed to be going through some other issues that went beyond just a doe-eyed fan trying to put her paws all over him. Harbour also stated he felt bad for the bathroom-destroying woman following the incident, which might just be a testament to how forgiving he is to his fan base.

Not all celebrities would feel remorse following a closed-in experience like that, and it's safe to assume not many fans would judge Harbour for being a bit more off-put about it considering all he went through. Of course, this is the same guy who did the "Hopper dance," with penguins in the wild, so should anyone expect anything other than a classy response?

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