NBC's Big Chicago Show Crossover Is Happening Earlier Than We Expected

Fans of NBC's Chicago franchise are in for a treat that they will be able to devour even sooner than we could have expected. The crossover event that will bring all of the franchise's installments together is coming to a small screen near you relatively early into their respective new seasons. When exactly is this set to take place? Chicago Fire co-creator Derek Haas has shed light on the air date. Check out his mind-blowing tweet below:

There is quite a bit to take in from Derek Haas' tweet as it managed to pack a lot of info into it. Thanks to Haas sharing that the crossover will begin with the second episode of the Chicago franchise's upcoming seasons, we can narrow down when this crossover event begins. The entire Chicago series lineup will premiere September 26. That puts the second episode of the shows' seasons airing on October 3.

So, you can count on all of the crossover Chicago franchise excitement to begin that night. As it turns out, the earlier-than-expected bow of the Chicago crossover will start in an exciting way that was already hinted at in the first tweet. Hence, the second half of Derek Haas' exciting back to back tweets, in which the one-night-only lineup is explained further. Here is Haas' second tweet:

That's right! Chicago Fire, which usually airs new episodes in between Chicago Med and Chicago P.D., will lead the charge on the crossover. You know it is going to be really good if there is a shakeup in store with the show's starting order. By the look of things, the lineup seems to be paving the way for a story that Chicago Fire needs to begin. Of course, given there is a crossover in store, it should be hard to tell when one show starts and the other ends.

Such is the glorious aspect of crossovers. With Chicago Fire set to blaze the trail for the event, fans of the franchise are in for a potentially fiery one. It makes sense that an arson eventually put out on Chicago Fire could lead to someone needing medical treatment on Chicago Med before it spawns a criminal investigation for the team on Chicago P.D. to solve. That is only a theory though.

There is only one way to know for certain if it is correct and that's by tuning in when Chicago Fire kicks off the crossover event in October. For new television premiering this summer that will keep you busy until fall, check out CinemaBlend's summer premiere guide. For the new television shows set to arrive this fall, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's fall premieres. If you are solely curious about NBC's lineup, you can check out the network's fall premiere schedule.

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