Why That Major Chicago Fire Character Might Not Be Around Next Season

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Season 6 finale of Chicago Fire. Feel free to come back once you've caught up!

Well, Chicago Fire has completed its sixth season on NBC, and while the two-hour season finale was relatively light on flames and putting the main characters in serious physical danger, there were some pretty high emotional stakes at play. Unsurprisingly, Casey and Dawson had a very emotional journey during the finale, and it looks like Dawson might actually be headed off to Puerto Rico to get away from their problems. Here's what happened.

After having a miscarriage a few seasons ago and losing her adopted son, as well, Dawson and Casey have been trying, once again, to procreate. In fact, the double episode started with them delaying going in to work so they could get in a nice, hopefully baby-making, quickie. But, Dawson is already starting to get worried that it's taking too long for her to get pregnant, so when Brett gets the number of a fertility clinic she tells Casey that she wants to go and see if something is up. Casey thinks it's a bit too early to worry, but notes that getting a simple checkup can't hurt, so they make an appointment.

It actually turns out that making that appointment was a very good idea, because the doctor tells Dawson that she's got an aneurysm that could kill her if she gets pregnant. Apparently, the chances of danger are only 10 percent, but the doctor suggests that Dawson not risk it. A couple of days later, Dawson goes to Casey and declares that she's decided to take the risk and they should keep trying to get pregnant. As you can imagine, Casey is not cool with this at all, but doesn't get angry. Meanwhile, Dawson gets asked by the paramedic chief to go to Puerto Rico to help out with continued recovery efforts post-hurricane, but she declines, saying she's got too much going on right now.

Casey has tried to take a gentle approach, and tries to talk Dawson into adoption. But, after what happened a few seasons ago with Louie, Dawson is against it. Then, without telling her, Casey heads to an agency to get the details what it would take to be paired with a mother who wants to give up her baby from birth. When Dawson finds out that he did this behind her back, she's pissed. Dawson, near tears, tries to explain again why that won't work for her, but it leads to a much larger discussion about how Casey didn't like her adopting Louie without his input and how she can't just make unilateral decisions about these things without him. Dawson tells Casey she'll be back in a bit and goes for a walk...a walk to talk to the paramedic chief about volunteering in Puerto Rico.

So, you might be wondering why the masterminds behind Chicago Fire would even tease the show's golden couple breaking up, especially since they just got married in Season 5. Well, contracts for several of the actors have come to an end with the finale of this season, Monica Raymund's included, and, unfortunately, details of a new deal have not been worked out just yet. This, obviously, means that the show needed to prime a reason for Dawson to not be around in Season 7, should Raymund not sign on the soot-covered line by the time Chicago Fire needs to begin filming new episodes.

Fans can see how everything turns out for Dawson and Casey (and Monica Raymund), when Chicago Fire returns for Season 7 in the fall. For more on what you can see on the small screen until then, check out our summer premiere guide.

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