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Spoilers ahead for the August 20 episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Jordan Kimball distinguished himself on reality dating TV early on in his stint on The Bachelorette by bragging about his modeling career and showing off a pair of shiny gold underwear at a cocktail party, all in service of attempting to woo Becca. He was unsuccessful on The Bachelorette, but he turned up on Bachelor in Paradise, and his outfits on Paradise are even more outrageous than they were on The Bachelorette. If you thought he could never outdo the sparkly gold undies with any other outfit, the latest outfit would have proved you wrong. Jordan strutted out to the cocktail party in a red floral suit vest and pants, with no shirt underneath.

Although other Paradise competitors couldn't keep straight faces, Jordan didn't so much as blush. Love him or hate him, the man owns his fashion! Folks on Twitter had their own reactions to Jordan's outfit (and attitude), and they've been more or less freaking out about it. Take a look at some of the best social media reactions!

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Jordan really put on the flowery pants and flowery vest, then proceeded to flip out when he discovered that David gifted Jenna with a gigantic stuffed animal that just so happened to be slightly more gigantic than the stuffed animal Jordan gave her. Naturally, as any full-grown adult would do, Jordan grabbed the poor stuffed animal, dragged it down the beach, and flung it into the ocean as best he could. Ah, true love.

According to one person on Twitter, this hissy fit ruined Jordan's chance of being taken seriously while airing his grievances about the David/Jenna situation. It's difficult to disagree; his fellow competitors were laughing and/or aghast at him from the moment he walked out in his flowery suit.

Can any of us really argue that this group of photos doesn't summarize Jordan after the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise? The gold undies and loud print on the shirt speak for themselves, and this person on Twitter wasn't the only one to decide that his vest-and-no-shirt look turned him into a human version of Abu the monkey from Aladdin. Throw in the golden retriever, and we have Jordan.

It's kind of hard to un-see Jordan as a 5-year-old stomping off to sulk about his parents sending him to bed without feeding him dessert first. It's okay, Jordan. We've all been there.

That tweet right there is why social media exists, if you ask me. I'd be lying if I said I didn't rewatch the clip of Barbie and Ken a few times just to enjoy how uncannily similar it is to Jordan strutting his stuff in Mexico after Jenna asked him to do some of his modeling walks. If Jordan's continued presence on Bachelor in Paradise means more social media hilarity like this, sign me up for more Jordan!

Now, some people on Twitter couldn't help but object to Jordan's outfit (and behavior) and defend the honor of past contestants. Head on over to the next page and check out some more commentary!

The Bachelor fandom rose up in Grocery Store Joe's defense as soon as Becca kicked him off The Bachelorette on the very first night. He proved that he can more or less play the Bachelor franchise game once he made it to Paradise, but fans still feel that he's the grocer with the heart of gold. Grocery Store Joe would never do such a thing to an innocent stuffed animal, right?!

While Wills may be gone from Bachelor in Paradise, he's not forgotten. The man who could pull off outrageous outfits with a lot more finesse than Jordan was sent home from Paradise last week. Nevertheless, he still has some loyal fans on social media.

For some, Jordan's outfit was "dumb," but it had nothing on Chris' bandana, which... I mean, I can't argue that this person is altogether wrong. Some people just aren't meant for bandanas, and I'd say Chris is one of them. For more outrageous outfits, tune in to ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET for new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise. Becca dropped by last week to Colton's dismay, and next week's episode will bring back Arie, whose appearance is almost certainly going to be divisive. For some viewing options once Paradise ends its run for the summer, swing by our fall TV premiere schedule.

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